Laia Pujol
Research Associate

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Laia studied at the University of Bordeaux-I (Maîtrise in Prehistory, 1997) and at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Degree in History, 1999; PGCE in Didactics of the Social Sciences, 1999; PhD in Prehistoric Archaeology, 2006). She is currently Senior Researcher and IP for the EU-funded project ViMM at UPF in Barcelona, as well as Research Associate for the EU-funded project EMOTIVE at the Universities of York and Glasgow.

Her field of research is the design and evaluation of ICT applications (VR, mobile interactive storytelling, full-body interaction) for Cultural Heritage settings. She has worked both in the public sector (Acropolis Museum, University of the Aegean, University of Manchester, UAB, Barcelona Provincial Council) and the private sector (Tecnalia R+D), thanks to several Spanish (FI, BP, PBR, BE) and European fellowships, grants, and contracts linked to European projects (Marie Curie IEF, ERG and EST, British Academy, CHESS, Route des Origines). In parallel, she has been invited to collaborate with various Spanish (ARACNE, Mob-IncluApp, SGR1193, MIDARC) and EU-funded projects (Innovarch, Magellan, eCultValue, Zeitgeist-EXARC). She has also taught at undergraduate and postgraduate level in several Spanish and European universities (University of Girona, UAB, UOC, University of Manchester, University of Newcastle, University of the Aegean, University of York), either as associate or invited lecturer.

Her extensive record of publications includes: book chapters in prestigious international publishing houses (Global IGI, Routledge, EPOCH); journals (Visitor Studies, IJAT, IJHS, IJVR, MMC, IJAC, CJCCS, VAR, ICOM-Spain, Musées, Clio, Digithum); conferences (CAA, VAST, VSMM, DH, IE, CHI, EGVE, Presence, Virtual Retrospect, EGCH, M & W, ICIDS, Arqueológica 2.0); and high-visibility scientific blogs (Savage Minds). Her work has been awarded twice by the prestigious VSMM society.

She has chaired or co-organized several international conferences and seminars in different countries (Behind the pixel, LEAP Integrating the Virtual, ECSITE, CARVI, A&E, CAA, ICOM-AVICOM Museology Conference). She has also been invited to give lectures and presentations by various national and international conferences and Cultural Heritage/Education organizations (MINECO, AGAUR, Diadrasis, Re-imagining schooling, Grundtvig, CARVI, Société des Musées Québécois, UPF, Catalan Government, EU).

She is member of several scientific committees and editorial boards (VAR, Frontiers in Digital Humanities, VHN, DAACH, TAG, Euromed, EGCH, CAA, CAA-GR), and collaborates as scientific reviewer with the most prestigious journals in the field (Heritage & Society, ToETC, IJHS, JOCCH, JVWR, Museum & Society, CJCCS), publishing houses (Ashgate);and conferences (British HCI, Nodem, DH, NordiCHI, EGCH, Archaeological 2.0 IJHS, CAA, ACE). She acts as external expert for the European Commission since FP7. Finally, she is or has been member of EAA, SEAV, ACM, and is permanent member of CAA College.


Selected publications


Sylaiou, S., Mania, K., Paliokas, I., Pujol, L., Kilintzis, V., Liarokapis, F. (forthcoming), “Exploring the educational impact of diverse technologies in online Virtual Museums”, International Journal of Arts and Technology: .php?jcode=ijart.

Pujol, L. and Champion, E. (2012), "Evaluating Presence in Cultural Heritage Projects", International Journal of Heritage Studies, 18 (1): 83-102.

Pujol, L. (2011), “Realism in Virtual Reality applications for Cultural Heritage”, International Journal of Virtual Reality, 10 (3): 41-49.

Pujol, L. (2011), “Integrating ICT in exhibitions”, Museum Management and Curatorship, 26 (1): 63-79. Taylor and Francis.

Pujol, L. and Economou, M. (2009). “Worth a thousand words? The Usefulness of Immersive Virtual Reality for Learning in Cultural Heritage Settings”. International Journal of Architectural Computing, 7 (1): 157-176.

Pujol, L. and Economou, M. (2007). “Exploring the suitability of Virtual Reality interactivity for exhibitions through an integrated evaluation: the case of the Ename Museum”. Online International Museology Journal, 4: 84-97. Department of Cultural Technology and Communication, University of the Aegean: 2007125113247.pdf


Book Chapters

Economou, M. and Pujol, L. (2011), Evaluating the use of virtual reality and multimedia applications for presenting the past. In Styliaras G. D., Koukopoulos, D and Lazarinis F. (Eds.), “Handbook of Research on Technologies and Cultural Heritage: Applications and Environments”. IGI Global, New York: 223-239.

Economou, M. and Pujol, L. (2007), “Evaluating the Impact of New Technologies on Cultural Heritage Visitors”. A McLoughlin, J. Kaminski, J. and Sodagar, B. (Eds.) “Technology strategy, management and socio economic impact”. Heritage Management Series, vol. 2. Budapest, Epoch / Archaeolingua: 109-121.

Economou, M. and Pujol, L. (2007), “Educational tool or expensive toy? Evaluating VR evaluation and its relevance for Virtual Heritage”. A Kalay, Y., Kvan, Th. and Affleck, J. (Eds.) “New Heritage. New media and cultural heritage”. Oxon, Routledge: 242-260.

Pujol, L. (2007), “Archaeology, museums and Virtual Reality: A semiotic approach to the use of VR for the presentation of archaeology in museums”. A Hermon, S. and Niccolucci, F. (Eds.) “Communicating Cultural Heritage in the 21st Century. The Chiron Project and its research opportunities”. Budapest, Epoch Publications: 62-78.


Conference Proceedings

Pujol, L. (2016), “Being there and then. Cultural Presence for archaeological virtual environments”, Proceedings of the EuroVR International Conference-Poster Section (Athens, November 22-24), EuroVR.

Katifori, A., Kourtis, V., Perry, S., Pujol, L., Vayanou, M., Chrysanthi, A., Ioannidis, Y. (forthcoming), “Cultivating mobile-mediated social interaction in the museum. Towards group-based digital storytelling experiences”. A Proceedings of the annual conference Museums & the Web (Los Angeles, April 6-9, 2016), Archives & Museums Informatics:

Roussou, M., Pujol, L., Katifori, A., Chrysanthi, A., Perry, S. and Vayanou, M. (2015), The Museum as Digital Storyteller: collaborative participatory creation of interactive digital experiences. In Proceedings of the Annual Conference of Museums and the Web (Chicago, April 8-11, 2015). Archives & Museums Informatics.

Keil, J., Engelke, T., Schmitt, M., Bockholt, U. and Pujol, L. (2014), “Lean In or Lean Back? Aspects on Interactivity & Mediation in Handheld Augmented Reality in the Museum”, In Klein, R. et al. (Eds), 12th Eurographics Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage (GCH 2014). Short Papers & Posters. Eurographics: gch.20141319.017-020.

Roussou, M., Katifori, A., Vayanou, M., Pujol, L., and Rennick-Egglestone, S. (2013), "A Life of Their Own: Museum Visitor Personas Penetrating the Design Lifecycle of a Mobile Experience", in ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), (Paris, Apr 27-May 2 2013), CHI Extended Abstracts: 547-552

Pujol, L. and Lorente-Gall, A. (2013), “The Virtual Museum: a quest for the standard definition”. In G. Earl, T. Sly, A. Chrysanthi, P. Murrieta-Flores, C. Papadopoulos, I. Romanowska and D. Wheatley (Eds), Archaeology in the Digital Era. Papers from the 40th Annual Conference of Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA), Southampton, 26-29 March 2012. Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam: 40-48 ( show.cgi?fid=516092).

Pujol, L. (2008), “Does virtual archaeology exist?” Layers of perception. Advanced technological means to illumunate our past. Proceedings of the 35th International Conference on Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology, CAA2007 (Berlin 2-6 April 2007). Posluschny, A., Lambert, K., Herzog, I. (Eds.)  Rudolf Habelt GmbH, Bonn: 101-107.

Pujol, L. (2005), “Interactivity in Virtual and multimedia environments: a meeting point for education and ICT in archaeological museums”. Virtual Reality at work in the 21st century, Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia (Ghent, October 3-7 2005). Thwaites, H. (Ed.). VSMM: 37-52. Obtained theYoung Researcher Award.


Disseminative Journals & Blogs

Pujol, L. (2016), “Mixed Exhibits: The best of both worlds?”, Blog Post at Savage Minds. Notes and queries in Anthropology. Guest Blogger Colleen Morgan. App. Jan 19, 2016:

Pujol, L. (2016), “Pixel vs Pigment. The goal of Virtual Reality in Archaeology”, Blog Post at Savage Minds. Notes and queries in Anthropology. Guest Blogger Colleen Morgan. App. Jan 11, 2016:

Pujol, L. (2014), “A story for Natalie. Designing mobile interactive experiences at the Acropolis Museum of Athens”, ICOM-España Digital, Journal of the Spanish ICOM Committee ( In Spanish.



2016, Associate Researcher at Emotive Virtual Cultural Experiences though personalized storytelling – EMOTIVE (EU, H2020-SC6-CULT-COOP-8-2016, GA n. 727188).

2016, Principal Researcher at Virtual Multimodal Museums – ViMM (EU, H2020-SC6-CULT-COOP-8-2016, GA n. 727107).

2016, External scientific expert at Innovarch. (EU / Erasmus +).

2015, Member of the work team at “Evaluative analysis of inclusive m-learning applications in cultural heritage settings” (MINECO, EDU2014-52675-R).

2015, External scientific expert / User Group at Magellan (EU, FP7- FP7-ICT-2013-10, Grant Agreement 611526).

2014, External Scientific expert at eCultValue (EU, FP7-ICT-2011-8, Grant Agreement 601114).

2014-2016, Principal researcher at LEAP: LEarning of Archaeology through Presence (EU, FP7-PIEF-GA-2012-625537). The proposal obtained 100/100 points.

2011-2014, Principal project officer at CHESS: Cultural Heritage Experiences through Socio-personal interaction and Storytelling (EU, FP7-ICT-2009-6, Grant Agreement 270198).

2011, Scientific external expert at Zeitgeist-EXARC (EU, Grundtvig Learning Partnership, contract n. 2010-1-NL1-GRU06-02826).

2009-2008, International coordinator at “Understanding the virtual: integrated evaluation of ICT in CH museums” (Catalan Government, 2008PBR0005).

2008, Coordinator of the initial project proposal at “La route des origines” (UE-FEDER).

2007, Scientific collaborator at ARACNE (Spanish General Directorate of Science and Technology, PB-HUM2004-05067-C02/HIST).

2005-2007, Predoctoral researcher under CHIRON: Cultural Heritage Informatics Research Oriented Network (UE, MEST-CT-2004-514539).



2016, “Virtual Museums”, invited lecture at the Master in Cultural Management (University of York, Feb. 23, 2016).

2015, Training course “3D modelling in Archaeology” (Archaeological Service of the Catalan Government, Nov. 9 and 16, 2015).

2010-2012, Lecturer in “Tourism management of museums and collections”, European Master in Cultural Tourism, University of Girona.

2010, Consultant for the lecture “Archaeological Heritage Management and ICT”, Specialization Course in Archaeological Heritage and ICT, Open University of Catalonia.

2009, Design of the contents for the e-lesson “ICT in Archaeological Heritage Management”, Course in Archaeological Heritage and ICT, Open University of Catalonia.

2008, “Integrating ICT in museums”, invited lesson at the postgraduate “Autumn Seminar Series”, University of Manchester (October 29, 2008).

2008, “Evaluating ICT applications in museums”, invited lesson at the postgraduate “Monthly Seminar Series”, International Centre for Cultural and Heritage Studies, University of Newcastle (October 16, 2008).

External activities


External Expert

2012, External Expert for the EU’s 7th Framework Programme.


Journal Editorial Board

2015, Virtual Archaeology Review (UPV)

2015, Frontiers in Digital Humanities, section Digital Archaeology.

2015, Digital Applications in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (Elsevier).



2015, Association for Computer Machinery (ACM).

2015, European Association of Archaeologists (EAA).

2012, CAA Greece Chapter.

2002, CAA College.


Invited talks

2016, “Histoire de CHESS. Du storytelling aux multiples dialogues dans l’espace culturel”, Annual Conference of the Société des Musées du Québec (Gatineau-Canada, Oct. 4-6, 2016).

2016, “Being there and then: introducing Cultural Presence in Archaeology”, York Heritage Research Seminars (University of York, Feb. 23, 2016).

2015, “Round table: practical aspects of European projects”, Infoday on the H2020-WP2016-2017-, Societal Challenge 6, organized by UAB, AGAUR, MINECO, and Spanish European Office (UAB, Nov. 5, 2015).

2015, “Being there and then: introducing Cultural Presence in Archaeology”, CaSEs Seminars (UPF, March 30, 2015).

2013, "A story for Nikos. Authoring personalized interactive storytelling at the Acropolis Museum", at the workshop "Museum education today: synergies and innovations between formall and non-formal educational context", 1st International Conference on Reimagining Schooling (Thessaloniki, Jun. 28-29).

2011, "The usefulness of ICT for Open Air Museums and Archaeological Sites" and "Evaluation Methodologies for archaeological museums and sites", at the Grundtvig Learning Partnership Zeitgeist meeting. (UAB, Feb. 3).

2007, "Pour une théorie of la Réalité Virtuelle dans les musées d'Archeologie", at the Conference of the Société des Musées Québécois (Montréal, Oct. 2-6).


Organization of Conferences, Sessions and Events

2015, Co-chair of the international workshop “Behind the pixel: practices and concepts in Virtual Archaeology”. (UPF-IUHJVV, Barcelona, Dec 14, 2015).

2015, Co-chair of the session “Analogue/digital: productive tensions in  materiality and archaeology”, Annual Conference of the EAA (Glasgow, Sept. 5, 2015).

2015, Chair of the “{LEAP] Workshop: Cultural Presence in Archaeology: theory, modelling and evaluation” (UPF-Barcelona, May 18, 2015).

2012, Member of the organizing committee of the workshop "Designing interactive mobile experiences", at the international conference ECSITE (Toulouse, May 30, 2012).

2010, Member of the organizing committee of the VIII Conference of VR applications, CARVI2010 (Vitoria, November 10-12, 2010).

2008, Chair of the international round-table “Integrating ICT in Museums” (Manchester Museum; Oct 6, 2008).

2007, Secretary of the international workshop “The evaluation of ICT applications in Cultural Heritage: issues, methods and approaches” (Mytilene; May 11-13, 2007).

2006, Chair of the 6th Seminar “Archaeology and Education” (History Museum of Catalonia; Oct 26-28, 2006).

2006, Collaboration in the organization of the 3rd International Conference of Museology, ICOM-AVICOM annual conference (Mytilene; June 5-9, 2006).


Contact details

Dr Laia Pujol
Research Associate
Department of Archaeology
University of York
The King's Manor