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Judith is the Editor for the e-journal  Internet Archaeology. She  has a BA in Archaeology (Liverpool, 1993) and an MSc in Archaeomaterials  (Sheffield, 1996). She has carried out fieldwork and excavation in France, Israel and across the UK. Judith embarked on PhD research at Sheffield and while there, was one of the founding editors of the postgraduate journal  ‘assemblage’. However a vacancy for Assistant Editor for Internet Archaeology  was advertised fairly early on in her research in 1998 and she chose to follow her developing interest in publication. She became Editor of Internet Archaeology  in June 1999.


Selected publications

  • J Winters (2003) 'Towards Sustainable Electronic Publishing for Archaeology' in M. Doerr and A Sarris (eds) The Digital Heritage of Archaeology CAA 2002. Proceedings of the 30th Conference, Heraklion, Crete. Archive of Monuments and Publications, Hellenic Ministry of Culture, 415-418.
  • W. Kilbride and J. Winters (2001) 'Observing  the game: what can access statistics really tell us?' in Z. Stancic and T.  Veljanovski (eds.) Computing Archaeology for Understanding the Past. CAA  2000. Proceedings of the 28th Conference, Ljubljana. BAR (International  Series) 931, 339-345.
  • Julian Richards, Mike Heyworth and Judith Winters (2000) 'Internet Archaeology: Past, Present and Future'. SAA Bulletin Vol 18, No 3. May 2000. 30-32.
  • Judith Winters (1999) `Publishing Archaeology on the Web: just a marriage of convenience?'. The Archaeologist. No.34. Spring 1999.
  • Judith Winters, Mike Heyworth and Julian Richards (1999) `Internet Archaeology: subscribing to the future'. The Archaeologist. No.36. Winter 1999.



Judith teaches on e-publication for selected components on Masters programmes.
In addition, students from the AIS and Digital Heritage Masters programmes can opt to do a placement with the journal.

External activities


  • Judith is a member of the Council for British Archaeology's Publications Committee.


Invited talks and conferences

  • “Internet Archaeology: a study in links,  levels and layers”, Supplementary Materials Seminar, Society for Scholarly  Publishing Annual Meeting, 28-30 May 2008, Boston.
  • "Digital publication opportunities and  realities",  Post-excavation  management session, IfA conference, 7-9 April 2009, Torquay
  • "Links, layers and LEAPs", Beyond  Books and Journals, 3rd Bloomsbury Conference on e-Publishing and  e-Publications 25-26 June 2009
  • ‘Weaving data into archaeological  publishing’, ALPSP Seminar Data Publishing, 24 April 2012, London.
Judith Winters, Editor, Internet Archaeology

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