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Pete Wilson, PhD, FSA, FSA Scot, MCIfA is an independent Archaeological Consultant having, until June 2016, been Head of Research Policy (Roman Archaeology) for English Heritage (2006-2012) and latterly Foresight Coordinator for Historic England. He also has a strong interest in issues around illegal metal detecting and the wider issues of Heritage Crime.



Primary research focus is ‘the Roman North’ with particular emphasis on towns and civil settlement, along with the end of the Roman period.


  • Completion of the publication report for the 1999-2000 excavations at Cawthorn Camps (Roman forts and temporary camp), North Yorkshire.
  • Completion of the publication report for the 2003-2005 excavations at Groundwell Ridge Roman villa, Swindon
  • Completion of a publication report for the 1956-58 excavations at Newton Kyme Roman fort, North Yorkshire in combination with a report drawing together all of the available data on the Roman fort and civil settlement at Adel, West Yorkshire.


Previous Research

PhD thesis North East Yorkshire - A later Prehistoric and Roman landscape: Studies of settlement, economy, burial and the evidence they provide for culture change following the Roman occupation (University of Bradford 1995, unpublished). The thesis examined the impact of the Roman occupation on the region, local responses to it and the character or Roman-period settlement, agriculture and industry.

‘The Catterick Project’ – over the period 1981-1999 a series of rescue-driven excavations in combination with extensive geophysical surveys, fieldwalking and latterly metal detecting investigated the Roman small town, and its environs, along with aspects of the early medieval landscape.

Cawthorn Camps 1999-2000, a project conceived in partnership with the North York Moors National Park, tested developing new understanding of the internationally important earthwork complex as well as contributing to the further development of the management regime for the site.

Groundwell Ridge Roman villa, a major Community Archaeology project undertaken on the site which was saved from development following a locally-based public campaign in Swindon.


Selected publications


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English Heritage Head of Research Policy (Roman Archaeology)

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