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I am studying a PhD in improving access to cultural heritage using the Web. I am based at the University of Southampton’s Web Science Doctoral Training Centre and the Archaeological Computing Research Group. I am also a Research Associate in Archaeology at the University of York, based in the Centre for Digital Heritage and the Department of Archaeology.

I am interested in technology and the web, particularly how these can be used by museums and for public archaeology projects. I’m currently writing up my thesis, Local Authority Museums and the Web: New Directions for Curatorial Practice, which looks at how regional, local government run museums can engage with the web as a social network to support audience engagement and development. In particular, my thesis provides an examination of the re-purposing by communities of web-based tools and platforms to improve access to galleries, libraries, archives and museums.

I currently teach workshops on social media and also open data use for researchers. I was a CHASE Going Digital Scholar. I have delivered a Lifelong Learning module on Urban Archaeology and teach at the University of Southampton for UG and PG Archaeology and History students.

I have worked in the past for local government museums, as an Assistant Curator and also in education, in digital media, and in outreach. I have managed the care of an archaeology collection and a social history collection. As part of my curatorial roles I have managed a volunteer programme, publication strategy, and learning & outreach programme. My most recent role involved the designing and implementing of the outreach and learning programme as part of HLF project at Basing House, Hampshire. This role included advising on a successful TSB bid – Augmented Reality at Danebury Hillfort. I worked to advise across 12 county-managed museums and heritage sites, plus secondment to Countryside Services for additional outdoor heritage sites, and to Library Service. I now work as a consultant for local authorities. I also have a background in eLearning for Higher Education institutions. I have a Masters in Archaeological Computing and a Masters in Web Science.

I co-run the Re-reading the British Memorial Project, which is a community archaeology project. We work with special interest and history groups to deliver training and design methodologies for the recording, interpretation and dissemination of data from church memorials. The project has at its core an emphasis on identifying low cost or free technology solutions for recording.  I also currently work with communities in Canada, alongside the Department of First Nations, Simon Fraser University, to evaluate the use of low cost technology solutions for First Nations archaeology.

Since 2012, I have co-directed the Basing House project, which has a strong public archaeology component. The project delivers training to University of Southampton students and to the local communities.

I blog at, my LinkedIn profile is at: and I tweet as @nicoleebeale.


Selected publications

Forthcoming book chapter: Community-driven approaches to open source archaeological imaging
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Authors: N. Beale, G. Beale

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Basing House Interim Report Spring-Summer 2013
Hampshire County Council Museums Service: Winchester
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Archaeological and Geophysical Survey at Basing House, near Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK
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The Potential of Open Models for Public Archaeology
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Re-reading the British Memorial: A Collaborative Documentation Project
In press: Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA2012) Proceedings, 27-29th March 2012, Southampton
Authors: N. Beale, G. Beale

Building Personal Learning Networks through Event- Based Social Media: a Case Study of the SMiLE Project
Personal Learning Environments Conference Proceedings, PLE Conference, August 2012, Porto, 2012
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Tools and tips to bridge and enhance live events
Smart Insights, 11th July, 2012
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If you don’t have social media, you are no one: How social media enriches conferences for some but risks isolating others
London School of Economics and Political Science, Impact of Social Sciences, 23rd May, 2012
Authors: L. Harris, N. Beale

“But who is going to read 12,000 tweets?!” How researchers can collect and share relevant social media
content at conferences
London School of Economics and Political Science, Impact of Social Sciences, 25th June, 2012
Authors: N. Beale, L. Harris
Examples of Recent Conference Papers
Small museum collections and open data
Open Knowledge Conference. Open Data: Broad, Deep, Connected (OKCon2013), Geneva, 16-18th September 2013
Authors: N. Beale



Re-reading the British Memorial Project (alongside Gareth Beale) –

Urban Archaeology Lifelong Learning online module –

Winchester School of Art, Central St. Martins and Universities of York and Southampton fine art and archaoelogy collaboration project (alongside Gareth Beale, Ian Dawson, Louisa Minkin)

Basing House Project (alongside Gareth Beale) -

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