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I studied at the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon (INSA) in France between 2001 and 2006. I followed high level physics and chemistry classes during two years and then specialise for three years in Material Sciences. I got my MSc degree in 2006. In parallel of my last year, I followed the Earth and Planetary sciences cursus at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) and got a second MSc on that topic. After several months backpacking across Central Asia, the  Middle East, and Eastern Europe, I joined the Institut de Physique du Globe in Paris (IPGP). I did my PhD student in the Fluid Dynamic team working on the processes of magma genesis in continents. Since 2011, I am senior post-doctoral research fellow on an ERC project called DISPERSE for which I work between IPGP and the University of York. Since 2013, I am a Research Associated of the University of York.

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My profile and my interests are fundamentally interdisciplinary. I am led by a profound curiosity and a genuine desire to understand the natural processes that are shaping our physical surrounding as well as how it has affected our humanity.

Combining observations, theory and modelling, I am currently working on:

  • exploring the role of landscapes in Human Evolution for the ERC DISPERSE project hold by the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris ( and the University of York (
  • investigating human psychical response to natural disasters with the Psychoanalytical Anthropology group at the University Paris VII (
  • studying the thermo-mechanical behaviour of the lithosphere and the processes of magma genesis in continents, with the Tectonic group at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (

You can read more about on-going projects and download publications on myweb-site:


Selected publications

Devès, M H 'Lascience pour arbitre?' Submitted to Topique, July 2013.

Vallage, A, Devès, M H, Klinger, Y and King, G C P King 'Localizedslip and distributed deformation in oblique settings: The example ofthe Denali Fault System, Alaska' Submitted to Geophysical Journal International, July 2013.

Devès, M, Sturdy, D,  King, G C P , et al. 'Hominin Reactions to Herbivore Distribution In the Lower Palaeolithic of the Southern Levant' Submitted to Quaternary Science Review, May 2013.

Devès, M, Inglis, R, Meredith-Williams, M Saud Al Ghamdi, Alsharekh, A M and Bailey, G N (2013) 'Paleolithic Survey in Southwest Saudi Arabia: Methodology and Preliminary Results' in Adumatu 27, p. 7.

Winder, I C, King, G C P,  Devès, M  and Bailey, G (2013) 'Complex Topography and Human Evolution: the Missing Link' in Antiquity,v.87, p. 333.

Bailey, G N,  King,G C P, Devès, M,  Haussman, N, Inglis, R,  Laurie, E,  Meredith-Willians, M, Momber G, Winder, I,  Alsharekh, A , and Sakellariou, D (2012) 'DISPERSE: dynamic landscapes, coastal environments and human dispersals' in Antiquity,86 (334).

Devès, M, King, G C P, Klinger, Y, and Agnon, A (2011) 'Localised and distributed deformation in the lithosphere: the example of the Dead Sea valleys' in Earth and Planetary and Sciences Letters, 308, p.172.

Devès, M (2010) Continental magmatism by shear heating in "process zones" at faultsystem geometric complexities. PhD thesis IPGP, Paris.

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