Maisie Taylor
Free lance archaeologist



Maisie Taylor studied archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL. She co-directed excavations at Etton Causewayed enclosure and Flag Fen with Francis Pryor. She is a wood specialist and is currently working with the Star Carr team at the Universities of York and Manchester, as well as on many other projects!


Maisie was a primary school teacher before becoming a trainee draughtsman in an electronics drawing office, and then a freelance archaeologist.


Selected publications

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Full publications list

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Maisie's specialism is wood.


Star Carr
Yarnton Floodplain
Eton Rowing Lakes
Bradley Fen
Must Farm

Research group(s)

Star Carr team



Maisie does not teach at York, but has worked with some members of the Star Carr team when looking at the wood, and also helps instruct on site.

External activities


Maisie Taylor at Star Carr

Contact details

Ms Maisie Taylor
c/o Department of Archaeology