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Rolf Inge Larsen is Associate professor in History at the Department of Education at UiT The Arctic University of Norway where he works as a History teacher’s educator. His PhD is written on the Kven minority in Northern Norway and the “struggle for their souls” between the National Lutheran Church of Norway and the lay laestadian revival movement. He defended his thesis in 2013. After working several years in Norwegian ecclesiastical organisations, he took his Master degree in history at the University of Tromsø in 2005 on the revival movement in Tromsø in the 1850s. In 2007, he graduated from teacher education. 


Rolf Inge Larsen is member of three ongoing research projects:

LLL Online: an online resource devoted to Lars Levi Laestadius’ work and its relevance in the arctic region.

Larsen is chair of a network of 20 international researchers from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. The long-term aim of this project is to digitise, disseminate and do multidisciplinary research on the Nachlass of the botanist, writer, priest, minority language user, historian of religion, philosopher and revival preacher Lars Levi Laestadius. For further information, see:

North Norwegian religions history.

Larsen is co-editor with Religion researcher Torjer Olsen, with a special responsibility for the period from the 1600s to WWII, and the relations between the official church and the Norwegian school during the Norwegianisation campaign.

Social Sciences in teacher education.

Larsen is member of the research group  “Social Sciences in teacher education”that aims to improve the education of teacher students in the use of Flipped Learning, theoretically on concepts like “democracy” and “citizenship” and with development of the teaching on ethnic minorities in the North, both the Saami and the Kvens.



Selected publications:

-          "Presten har det i bokhylla, mens vi har det i hjertet". Hjertespråket - om minoritetsspråkenes posisjon i læstadianismen. Et norsk perspektiv”. Studies on the Religious History of the North 2016 ;Volume 1. p. 66-84.

-          With Steinar Thorvaldsen and Philipp Conzett: “Making Cultural Heritage Online. Lars Levi Laestadius’ Work and its Relevance in the Arctic Region”. Journal of Northern Studies 2015 ;Volume 9.(2) p. 96-100

-          Religion og fiendebilder. Læstadianerne, statskirken og kvenene 1870-1940. PhD thesis 2013 (ISBN 978-82-8244-090-5) 352 p.

-          "The Church against Ethnicity: The Fight over Christianity's Meaning in Northern Norway". I: Bordering the Baltic. Scandinavian Boundary-Drawing Processes, 1900-2000. LIT Verlag 2010.

-          “Reconciliation or Power Struggle? On the Consecration of the Chapel in Skibotn in 1931.” Journal of Northern Studies 2009 (1) p. 55-68.

-          “On religion and ethnicity in Northern Norway in the inter-war period. Recocilliation or power struggle?” Approaching Citizenship, Encounters & Place Enactment". Working Papers. CEPIN Research School. Tromsø: 2008 (ISBN 978-82-91636-90-0) p. 81-95

Full list of publications:

See The Current Research Information System In Norway Cristin.


Department of Education

-       Subject Coordinator and lecturer Social studies didactics (2011–2014)

-       Subject Coordinator and lecturer Multidisciplinary didactics (2013–2014)

-       Subject Coordinator and lecturer History Didactics (2014– )

Department of History and Religious Studies

-       Course Coordinator and lecturer

HIS-1111 Arctic Norway (2013)

-       Course Coordinator and lecturer

HIS-3005 Indigenous Peoples (2014)

External Activity

Mediator of Panel sessions and seminars

  •  Norske historiedager i Sogndal 2013 [Norwegian History Conference]
    • Misjonens kvinner; idealer, demokrati og makt [Missionary women; ideals, democracy and power]
  • Gender, History and Society, University of Winchester 2014
    • Women’s role in the Lutheran church of Norway: from witch hunt and ethnic division to Christian feminism
  • Open seminar UiT 2015.
    • Making Cultural Heritage Online: Lars Levi Laestadius


Selection of invited talks and conferences:

  • «Making Lars Levi Laestadius online». Open seminar, Tromsø 2015.
  • «Ens Ropande Röst i Ödemarken. Den læstadianske vekkelsen som konfliktfylt møte i nordisk grenseland.» The 28. Nordic Historians Meeting, Joensuu 2014.
  • «Bruk av digitale virkemidler i veiledning av PPU-studenter. Veiledning av masteroppgaver i lærerutdanning” [Digital counselling of Master students in teacher education]. Tromsø 2013.
  • “Globalization and anti-modernization in the North? The case of laestadianism. Globalization and moderizing processes in the North.” CEPIN conference Tromsø 2012.
  • “Religion and enemy images. The Laestadian revival movement, the Norwegian church and the Kvens 1870-1940. Globalization and modernizing processes in the North.” Poster presentation CEPIN conference Tromsø 2012.
  • “Beware the Finnish! Laestadianism and the Finnish Menace.” SPRI and CEPIN meeting, Cambridge 2010.
  • “On religion and ethnicity in Northern Norway in the interwar period.” CRONEM-conference: Nationalism, Ethnicity and Citizenship: Whose Citizens? Whose Rights? University of Surrey 2008.
  • “The Kvens, the Laestadian revival movement and the national church 1870-1940: dogma and politics.” Poster presentation CRONEM-conference in Guildford 2008.


Full list of talks and conferences:

See The Current Research Information System In Norway Cristin.


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