Niklas Hausmann
Research Associate



I obtained my first degree in Archaeology and Geosciences (BSc Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel) before coming to the UK to do an MA in Mesolithic Studies and a PhD in Archaeology under the supervision of Geoff Bailey. As part of this research I have conducted archaeological and environmental studies on land and underwater, as well as having carried out studies regarding the palaeoclimate and palaeoecology of the Arabian Red Sea. In this context I have also excavated and carried out studies on sites in the UK, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

My main research interests are human-environment interactions along coastlines. I hope to use archaeological and scientific methods to analyse their close and dynamic relations. This includes archaeozoological methods, with a focus on malacology, but also stable isotopes and trace elements from organic and inorganic carbonates.


Selected publications

Hausmann, N.,Colonese A. C., de Lima Ponzoni A., Hancock Y., Meredith-Williams M., Leng M. J. and Bailey G. N. In press. Isotopic composition of Conomurex fasciatus shells as an environmental proxy for the Red Sea. Quaternary International

Hausmann, N., Meredith-Williams, M., Bailey, G.N. In press. Results of recent excavations on the Farasan Islands and studies of large-scale prehistoric shellfish gathering in the Red Sea. In: N. Bicho (ed.) Muge 150th Anniversary Conference.  Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press

Bailey, G.N., King, G.C.P., Devès, M., Hausmann, N., Inglis, R., Laurie, E., Meredith-Williams, M., Momber, G., Winder, I., Alsharekh, A., Sakellariou, D. 2012. DISPERSE: dynamic landscapes, coastal environments and human dispersals. Antiquity 86 (334). 

Colonese, A. C., Zanchetta G., Fallick A. E., Manganelli G.,  Lo Cascio P., Hausmann N., Baneschi I., Regattieri E. 2014. Oxygen and carbon isotopic composition of modern terrestrial gastropod shells from Lipari Island, Aeolian Archipelago (Sicily).Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 394: 119-127.

Meredith-Williams, M.G., Hausmann, N., Bailey, G.N., King, G.C.P., Alsharekh, A., Ghamdi, Al, S., Inglis, R.H., 2014. Mapping, modelling and predicting prehistoric coastal archaeology in the southern Red Sea using new applications of digital-imaging techniques. World Archaeology  Vol. 46, 1, 10-24

Inglis, R. H., Sinclair, A., Shuttleworth, A., Al Maamary, A., Budd, W., Hausmann, N., Meredith-Williams, M. G., Alsharekh, A., Al Ghamdi, S. & Bailey, G. 2014 Preliminary Report on 2014 Fieldwork in Southwest Saudi Arabia by the DISPERSE Project: (2) Jizan and Asir Provinces Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities. p. 31

Meredith-Williams, M., HausmannN., Inglis, R. and Bailey, G. (2014). 4200 New Shell Mound Sites in the Southern Red Sea. 'Human Exploitation of Aquatic Landscapes' special issue (ed. Ricardo Fernandes and John Meadows), Internet Archaeology. 

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Dr Niklas Hausmann
Research Associate
University of York
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Tel: (44) 1904 328559

External activities


2015-Present Member, Prehistoric Society, UK

2015-Present Member, Quaternary Research Association, UK. 

2014-Present Member, International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ)

2011-Present Member, Stone Age Bog Group


Invited talks and conferences

Invited talks

8.12.15 ‘Coastal ecology, accumulation rates and holocene climate in the southern Red Sea’, University of Auckland, New Zealand

23.11.15 ‘Decoding stratigraphies using seasonality data.’ University of Reading, UK

6.10.14 ‘The DISPERSE Project and Shellfish Ecology on the Farasan Islands’. Museu Arqueologico de Sambaquis, Joinville, Brazil

2.10.14 ‘The DISPERSE Project and Shellfish Ecology on the Farasan Islands’. Seminário Internacional de Arqueologia Subaquática, Tubarão, Brazil


Conference presentations

1.08.15 ‘Decoding stratigraphies using seasonality data.’ International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA), Nagoya, Japan

8.04.15 ‘Eating Loads: Big-scale shellfish accumulations on the Farasan Islands’. UKAS, Durham, UK

26.03.15 ‘Seasonal coastal exploitation in the Southern Red Sea.’ Human Landscapes Conference, Kiel, Germany

26.09.14 ‘Shellfish Ecology on the Farasan Islands - Isotope trace elements and seasonality’. International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ), San Rafael, Argentina

17.04.13 ‘The Farasan Islands, an Isotope Study. ‘Human Landscapes Conference’, Kiel, Germany

17.04.13 ‘The Mesolithic going Nuts - Duvensee 13,  ‘Human Landscapes Conference’, Kiel, Germany

25.03.13 ‘Shell mounds of the Farasan Islands, Saudi Arabia. ‘Muge 150th Anniversary Conference’, Muge, Portugal,


Poster presentations

27.04.15 ‘LIBS as a tool to investigate seasonal composition fluctuations in marine mollusk shells. TECHNART 2015, Catania, Italy

28.08.14 ‘Using Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for Reconstructing Seasonality. Poster presented at '6th International Symposium on Biomolecular Archaeology (ISBA)’, Basel, Switzerland

24.03.12 ‘Explorative, geophysical surveys at the Mesolithic site Duvensee: First Results Wild Things Conference, Durham, UK