Ben Gourley

Ben Gourley


Ben Gourley has a BA in Classical Archaeology from Queens University, and an MA from the University of British Columbia. In 1998 he moved from Canada to the UK to study at the IOAAS in York and received a second MA (this time in Architectural Conservation), after which he worked in UK and the Mediterranean before joining the department for nearly a decade as a project and fieldwork officer.

He now splits his time between freelance commercial work and departmental teaching and research. With colleague Nigel Copsey, he runs courses for the University and the public in buildings conservation under the aegis of the Centre for Traditional and Sustainable Building. 

Research interests include in the development of new methods of recording sites and buildings, and also the study and practice of traditional craft skills in conservation amongst other things. Ben teaches survey, fieldwork, conservation, and computing at postgraduate and undergraduate levels.



  • Topographical Survey
  • Vernacular buildings
  • Buildings Survey
  • Geophysical Survey
  • Geographic Information Systems

Research groups

  • Archaeological Information Systems
  • Landscape and society
  • Material Cultures

Research Interests


Archaeological work has largely been focused on landscapes, and with a regional focus on the Eastern Mediterranean, and includes geophysical and archaeological survey projects at the ancient Sikyon (in collaboration with the University of Thessaly), Stymphalos (Canadian Institute of Archaeology in Athens) and the Saronic Gulf (Kenchreai Excavations, and the Saronic Harbors Archaeological Research Project).

Conservation and buildings archaeology interests are focussed around the conservation of traditional building technologies and craft skills; Recent surveys have focused on timber from a construction and carpentry in practice in medieval York, and the use of earth as building material in the vernacular traditions of northeast yorkshire.



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