Enrico Cappellini
Proteomics (Copenhagen)





Full publications list

  • Cristiano Vernesi, David Caramelli, Martina Lari, Enrico Cappellini, Antonella Casoli, Francesco Mallegni, Brunetto Chiarelli, Isabelle Dupanloup, Guido Barbujani and Giorgio Bertorelle (2004). Genetic Diverstity among Etruscans. American Journal of Human Genetics 74, 694-704.
  • Enrico Cappellini, Brunetto Chiarelli, Luca Sineo, Antonella Casoli, Antonella Di Gioia, Cristiano Vernesi, Maria Cristina Biella e David Caramelli (2004). Biomolecular study of the human remains from tomb 5859 in the Etruscan necropolis of Monterozzi, Tarquinia (Viterbo, Italy). Journal of Archaeological Science 31, 603-612.
  • Enrico Cappellini, Maria Cristina Biella, Brunetto Chiarelli, David Caramelli (2003). Lo studio del DNA antico: il caso della tb 5859 della necropoli dei Monterozzi di Tarquinia. Rivista di Studi Etruschi LXIX– Serie III, 263-275.
  • Enrico Cappellini, Maria Cristina Biella, Brunetto Chiarelli, Luca Sineo, David Caramelli. Possibili contributi dell’indagine biomolecolare in Archeologia: principi ed applicazioni. 6th incontro di studi “Preistoria e Protostoria in Etruria”. 13th-15th September 2002, Valentano (Viterbo), Italia. 2003. In press.
  • Maria Cristina Biella, Enrico Cappellini (1996).Via Amerina località Tre Ponti (Viterbo): nuovi dati su una tomba a portico. Archeologia, Uomo, Territorio 15, 39-61.



Investigation of ancient biomolecules, both DNA and proteins, in anthropology, archaeology and human evolution, with a specific interest in the fields of nutrition, domestication, population genetics and kinship reconstruction. Development of chemical and biochemical methods to improve ancient DNA investigation, in particular in relationship to data reliability, sensitivity and inhibitory action of contaminants. Investigation of ancient proteins to support and expand information obtained from the study of ancient DNA.


  • Better comprehension of biochemical alterations that affect ancient DNA molecules.
  • Optimisation of methods for the evaluation of the amino acid racemization rate in samples from soil by HPLC.


  • Hendrik Poinar, McMaster University, Hamilton (Canada).
  • Alan Cooper, Ancient Biomolecoles Centre, Oxford University (United Kingdom).
  • Eske Willerslev, Ancient Biomolecoles Centre, Oxford University (United Kingdom).
  • Ian Barnes, University College, London (United Kingdom).



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External activities


  • 2004 -Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship, at the Department of Biology, University of York (United Kingdom), supported by the European Commission. Title of the project: “Restoration of the past genetic heritage” (due to conclude in January 2006).
  • 2000-Internship in the Department of Animal Biology and Genetics, University of Florence, Italy.

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