Phil Dyke
Research Associate



I’ve worked for the National Trust for 36 years on coastal and marine issues. As Coast and Marine Adviser I support colleagues dealing with coastal change issues and work with external partners to promote sustainable approaches to coastal and marine management. Under the banner of ‘Shifting Shores’ I lead for the Trust on coastal change management, creating and drawing upon sound evidence based science in an applied practical context.  I maintain my academic interests through teaching coastal and marine management at a number of universities and by collaborating on research projects to further the understanding of climate change driven coastal change.

Academic Qualifications:

  • University of London, 2005: MSc  – Environmental Management (Protected Areas) specialist modules; Marine and Coastal Planning and Processes, European Environmental Policy and Law, Philosophy/Ethics and Values of Conservation and sustainable tourism.
  • University of London, 1992: University Diploma in Countryside Management (Distinction). 


Selected publications

I have contributed to a number of publications:

  • Curated Decay  - Heritage Beyond Saving, DeSilvey C, University of Minnesota Press 2017
  • Saltmarsh – British Wildlife Collection, Chatters C, Bloomsbury 2017
  • Shifting Shores – playing our part at the coast, NT 2015
  • Coastlines - a Story of Our Shore, Barkham P, Granta 2015
  • The National Trust Book of The Coast, Cogerty C, NT 2015
  • Shifting Shores – adapting to change, NT 2014
  • Conservation Land Management - Guest Editorial, British Wildlife Publishing 2014.
  • Managed Realignment - A Viable Long-Term Coastal Management Strategy - Esteves L S, Springer 2014.
  • Anticipatory History, Editors - DeSilvey C, Naylor S and Sackett C, Uniform Books 2011
  • Looking to the Future – marine conservation in the UK, NT Members Magazine  2011



Project Director:

  • Shifting Shores+10: Public Policy and Adaptive Approaches to coastal change management. A review of public policy on this topic across E, W and NI.  CH2M Consultants were the contractor.  Report published October 2015.
  • Shifting Shores+10: The National Trust – how are we doing. Parallel with the above but looking at our own approach to adapting to change at the coast. CH2M Consultants were the contractor.  Report published October 2015.
  • National Trust Future Coast – Research to identify opportunities for habitat creation around the coasts of E, W and NI.  CH2M Consultants were the contractor.  Report published October 2015. Spin-off is a GIS Browser tool for coastal data.
  • Managing Change at the Coast – a training programme to enhance NT colleagues confidence and competence to deliver our work on adapting to change at the coast. Work in progress.


Research Supervision:

  • NERC Innovation Partnership Research Fellow joined us for six months in Nov 2017.

Topic - Quantifying coastal change and mapping coastal processes in and adjacent to National Trust properties: A systems view. Researcher Dr Sally Brown, Southampton University.


Forthcoming Research:

Sand dunes of the Atlantic coast of Europe – the prospect of future increased mobility and impacts on cultural heritage.


Other teaching

I lecture at a number of UK Universities including York, Exeter, Plymouth and Birkbeck (UoL) and have sat or sit on a number of External and Industry Advisory Boards as a critical friend in the development of new Masters programmes (Plymouth, Bath Spa and Exeter).

External activities

Invited talks and conferences

  • 29th October 2017 – Keeping History Above Water, Annapolis, Maryland US.  Keynote address. Title: Shifting Shores – when nature and culture collide.
  • 11th October 2017 – Historic England (HELM series) Title: Adapting to change at the coast, Baltic Centre, Gateshead.
  • September 2017 – Danish Parliamentary visit to The Isle of Wight Title: Shifting Shores – living with change at the coast.
  • Jan 2016 – Coastal Futures Title: Enterprise Neptune 50 years on – lessons for coastal management.
  • September 2015 – Le Conservatoire du Littoral 40th Anniversary Conference, Antibes, France Title: Shifting Shores Adapting to Change.  
  • 2015 – Wetland Futures, Birmingham. Title Adapting to change at the coast.
  • January 2015 – Coastal Futures – Title:  Shifting Shores - Practical Lessons from a Decade of Coastal Adaptation.

Media coverage

  • April 2014 – BBC lunchtime news – impacts post the winter of storms.
  • April 2014 - Russia Today – as above.
  • 2015 Costing the Earth BBC Radio 4– panel member on debate about coastal change and flood management.
  • April 2014 and Nov 2015 The Today Programme Radio 4 – interviewee on various aspects of coastal change linked to storms and the publication of Shifting Shores.
  • 2015 – ITN News – interview re launch of Shifting Shores.
  • 2015 – BBC GNS interview with 7 regional radio stations on launch of Shifting Shores.
  • 2015 - BBC 5 Live interview on launch of Shifting Shores.
  • 2016 You and Yours – interview on coastal change and risks associated with property ownership.
  • 2016 BBC PM and IPM – interview on perspectives on living with a changing coast.


Contact details

Phil Dyke
Research Associate
Department of Archaeology
University of York
King's Manor
Exhibition Square