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Dominic Powlesland has been deeply committed to archaeology ever since he joined a local excavation in Colchester at the age of 11. By the age of 16, he was engaged on projects in Winchester, and, soon after, here in York.  After several years at the University of Manchester, he moved back to Yorkshire to undertake a small rescue excavation at West Heslerton in the Vale of Pickering. As Director of the Landscape Research Centre, he has run an extended programme of survey and excavation in the Vale of Pickering at West Heslerton. This programme has revolutionised the understanding of prehistoric to early medieval period settlement patterns and is widely regarded as one of the most important landscape archaeology projects in Europe. 




Research interests include the archaeology of landscapes from the Palaeolithic to the present; practice and process in archaeological excavation; air-borne and ground based remote sensing; computer applications in archaeology; geospatial data integration and analysis; hidden landscape reconstruction; the archaeology of Eastern Yorkshire; early medieval settlement, death and burial.


Selected publications

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  • With D. Lyall, G. Hopkinson, D. Donoghue, M. Beck, A. Harte, and D. Stott, 'Beneath the Sand: Remote Sensing, Archaeology, Aggregates and Sustainability: A Case Study from Heslerton, the Vale of Pickering, North Yorkshire, England',  Archaeological Prospection  (2006)
  • With Lyall, D, 'Beneath the Sand: Multi-Sensor Studies Within the Archaeological Landscape of the Vale of Pickering, North Yorkshire, England',  Archaeological Prospection, (2006)
  • 'Why Bother? Large-Scale Geomagnetic Survey and the Quest for "Real Archaeology"', inGeophysics for Landscape Archaeology: Papers Presented at the 15th International Summer School for Archaeology, University of Siena, Grosseto, July 2006, ed. by R. Francovitch, S. Campana and S. Piro



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