David Stocker
Research Associate



Prof. David Stocker, MA (Cantab. & York), DLitt, FSA, MCIfA is a professional archaeologist, architectural historian and heritage manager specialising particularly - though not exclusively - in the archaeology and history of the medieval period, especially in buildings, settlements and landscapes. His research work has focussed particularly on Lincolnshire topics, though he has also published on projects based in nine other English counties, including York and Yorkshire. His most recent paper, for example, (one of many projects undertaken jointly with long-standing friend and colleague Paul Everson) re-considers the development of early-medieval Chester. His most recent volume (also undertaken jointly with Paul Everson) is The Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Sculpture volume XII. Nottinghamshire (Oxford UP/British Academy), published in 2015, which aims to exploit the county’s stone sculpture as evidence for its first-millennium history.

After studying history and history of art at Cambridge, he studied for an MA at York in Medieval Studies (there being no Archaeology Department) in 1978-9 and he joined the York Archaeological Trust on its completion. Following a short period as a free-lance specialist, he took a post at the Lincoln Archaeological Trust (1982-6). He joined English Heritage as an Assistant Inspector in 1986, where he spent five years as casework inspector for the North, North-East and Yorkshire followed by five years as a manager within the Monuments Protection Programme, running a team of investigators and handling policy development for designation in towns, industrial monuments and churches. Finally, after two years spent establishing the Archaeology Training Forum, and before retiring from English Heritage in 2012, he spent twelve years in the Characterisation team, developing heritage management initiatives in Landscapes, Settlements, and Churches. He was appointed Hon. Visiting Professor in the Institute for Medieval Studies at Leeds University in 2010 and was awarded a DLitt in Archaeology by the University of York three years later. He was also appointed to the Heritage Lottery Fund’s East Midland Committee in 2013, and, in 2017, he was nominated to the Council of the National Trust by the Council for British Archaeology.

David has played a number of roles within British Archaeology including: Director of the British Archaeological Association (1987-1990); (founding) Chair of the Institute of Field Archaeologists Buildings Group (1989-91); Honorary Fellow in Archaeology at University of York (1999-2004); (founding) Secretary of the Archaeology Training Forum (1998-2002); Vice-President of the Society for Medieval Archaeology (2005-2010); Trustee of the Council for British Archaeology (2007-16); Trustee of the Lincoln Record Society (since 2007) and its President (since 2015); Trustee of the Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaeology (since 2008); and Trustee (2006-2016) and Chair (2010-16) of the Society for Church Archaeology.



Full publications list


‘Archaeology and Archiepiscopal Reform: Greater Churches in York Diocese in the 11th century’, The Archaeology of the 11th century. Continuities and Transformations (eds. D Hadley and C  Dyer), SMA Monographs series No.38, Routledge London and New York, 177-202.  (Co-author with P Everson).

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Forthcoming publications and publication projects

1) Books in preparation

Freiburg Letters. Letters from an Englishwoman in Freiburg to her missing husband 1942-1946, Orion  Books, London, forthcoming  (c.2018). (Co-editor with M. Bassett & R Morris).

Thomas Sympson’s Adversaria, or Collections for a History of Lincoln, 1737 (a critical edition), Lincoln Record Society, forthcoming, (c.2019). (Co-editor with P Everson).

Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture. Volume 15, Cambridgeshire, The British Academy/Oxford, 2020, forthcoming (2020). (Co-author with P Everson).

Sacred Landscapes of Monasticism (Co-author with P Everson, D Austin et al.), forthcoming (2021).

The Castles of Lincolnshire – A Fresh Look. Investigating Lincolnshire’s Castles: a collection of recent studies. Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaeology, Supplementary Series, forthcoming (c.2021). (Author & co-editor with D Roffe, D Start, and D Wright).

Turn Again ... The Stocker Family – Wool-merchants of London and Wyboston. 1420-1485, Boydells Woodbridge, forthcoming (c.2021).

Lincoln before St Hugh, publisher yet to be decided (Interest from Oxbow). Publication details and date not yet decided (editor and co-author with P Dixon, RDH Gem & D Taylor).

2) Forthcoming contributions to Books, Reports and Journals

‘‘The Cros in the Markitte Stede’.The Louth Cross, its Monastery and its Town’, Medieval Archaeology, 61/2, forthcoming  (2017). (Co-author with P Everson).

‘Wulfwig’s purchase’: a red herring in Louth’s historiography?’, Lincolnshire History and Archaeology 50, 2014 forthcoming  (2017). (Co-author with Paul Everson)

 ‘Potestas Petri: Barnack and Peterborough in the tenth and eleventh centuries, Art, Architecture and Archaeology at Peterborough and the Soke, Transactions of the British Archaeological Association for 2015, forthcoming  (2018). (Co-author with Paul Everson).

‘Stranger on the Shore: Gainsborough Old Hall - Yorkist ‘merchant chique’ in Lancastrian Lincolnshire?, in The Medieval Household (ed. C Woolgar), Shaun Tyas, Donington, forthcoming (2018).

‘William Morris and the Politics of Pots: who shall make our art?’, The Antiquaries Journal, (c.2018?)  – not yet submitted. (Co-author with G Chitty).

‘Unfit for the Residence of a Minister’ – Old Church Cottage, Aubourn, and Clergy Expectations from Henry VIII to Victoria’, Lincolnshire History and Archaeology, 51, 2015 forthcoming (2018). (Co-author with Jenne Pape and others).

‘New Lords in Lincolnshire: making an impression in a remote county. The development of the hunting landscape of Tattershall chase’, Landscapes forthcoming.

‘Architectural fragments’ and ‘Architectural discussion’, Excavations at Clarendon Palace, Wiltshire (ed. T B James), University of Winchester, forthcoming (2020), Winchester.

‘Enclosures and Extensions. Exploring relationships between Urban Building Types and medieval Town planning’, Vernacular Architecture – not yet submitted.



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