Honorary and Visiting Staff

Honorary Visiting Professors and FellowsDate to 
Professor Joann Fletcher:  Egyptian Archaeology 30/04/2021
Professor Carl Heron: Director of Scientific Research, British Museum 30/09/2019
Professor Simon Holdaway 31/01/2024
Professor Nena Galanidou: University of Crete 30/05/2021
Dr Alice Gorman 30/06/2023
Dr Abdullah Alsharek 30/05/2021
Dominic Powlesland  
Professor Michael Richards: Simon Fraser University 30/09/2019
Penelope Walton Rogers: The Anglo-Saxon Laboratory 31/10/2020
Dr Shinya Shoda 31/10/2020 


Research AssociatesDate to  
Tony Abramson 30/09/2020
Kenneth Aitchison  
Dr Abigail Ash: Human osteology and human evolution 30/11/2020
Mike Bamforth 30/09/2021
Ivan Briz: Researcher at CONICET (Argentina)  
Mark Beech: Cultural Landscapes Manager, Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage 20/03/2020
Stephen Buckley: Research Fellow  
Sophy Charlton 30/09/2019
Peter Chowne 01/05/2022
Nigel Copsey  
Dr Selcen Coskun  
Dr Ashley Coutu 30/06/2020
Dr Shannon Croft 31/01/2021
Miriam Cubas 30/09/2020
Tobit Curteis 30/06/2020
Vivien Deacon 30/11/2019
Dr Beatrice Demarchi 23/06/2019
Maud Devès  
Dr Tania Dickinson  
Dr Sean Doherty 30/09/2021
Phil Dyke 30/04/2021
Dr Keith Emerick 31/11/2019
Dr Eva Fairnell  
Dr Chris Fern: Anglo-Saxon specialist  
Dr Karen Fielder 30/06/2021
Dr Fabrizio Galeazzi 10/01/2020
Dr Gianni Gallello 30/04/2021
Dr Maurizio Gatta Pending
Dr Alex Gibson 30/06/2021
Lara Goodband 30/10/2019
Peter Gouldsborough: Historic Building Conservation; Stone Weathering  
Ben Gourley: Research associate, Buildings Archaeology and Conservation  
Dr Paul Graves-Brown 17/01/2021
Annie Gray 01/12/2021
Dr Jane Grenville 01/05/2022
Dr Igor Guttiérez Zugasti: Exploitation of coastal resources (Upper Palaeolithic/Mesolithic) 30/09/2019
Dr Melanie Hall: Director of Museum Studies, Boston University, Massachusetts 30/09/2020
Dr Karen Hardy: ICREA research professor  

Stuart Harrison


Richard Henry: Finds specialist with the Portable Antiquities Scheme


Alex Holton


Niklas Hausmann

Dr Madeleine Hummler 30/03/2019
Dr Robyn Inglis 30/06/2021
Bone Jones 30/06/2021
Dr Jeremy Kemp: Finds specialist  
Professor Turi King 30/06/2021
Dr Kristine Korzow-Richter 30/06/2021
Dr Carol Lang 31/12/2020
Rolf Inge Larsen 30/09/2019
Dr Rob Lennox 30/06/2020
Dr Michael Lewis  
Laura Llorente-Rodriguez 30/09/2020
Dr Olga Magoula 30/09/2021
Dr Ailsa Mainman  
Dr Anthony Masinton 20/03/2020
Geoff Maybank  
Matthew Meredith-Williams 31/10/2019
Garry Momber 30/06/2020
Dr Cath Neal 30/06/2020
Carsten Paludan-Müller 30/04/2019
Sara Perry  
Navin Piplani  
Diederik Pomstra 31/08/2019
Dr Suzi Richer 31/01/2021
Esther Robinson-Wild 30/11/2020
Henry Rumbold  
Freya Sadarangani 30/06/2019
Daniel Serra 30/09/2021
Dr Nela Scholma-Mason 30/04/2020
Caroline Solazzo  
Dr Camilla Speller 30/06/2021
David Stockdale  
David Stocker 30/05/2020
Tim Sutherland: Battlefield archaeology  
Bob Sydes 23/03/2018
Maisie Taylor: Ancient wood and woodworking  
Dr Jessica Thomas 30/06/2020
Dr Emma Wells 30/09/2021
Dr Pete Wilson  
Dr David Wright