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Spatially, Michael is from Portland, Oregon while academically he comes from the Mathematics & Computer Science departments.  His early programming experiences were in C++ which have all but been forgotten, but after his undergraduate studies he carried on in Java and web development. After a couple stints working and volunteering in IT related posts around Portland (some with the Free Geek mothership), he decided to combine his IT skills with archaeology and pursued a Masters degree in Archaeological Information Systems under the guidance of Prof Julian Richards.
After completing his MSc in 2006, Michael joined the ADS as a Curatorial Officer responsible for accessioning, mounting and indexing the ADS collections of data, and the validating of new deposits. Much of his work then focused on web mapping/GIS as well as databases. He eventually became an Applications Developer which gave him the opportunity to work on more technical aspects of ADS work, such as DOI integration, web service development and metadata ingestion. Michael is currently the Lead Applications Developer, which in addition to application development, he is also responsible for managing the ADS servers and systems.
Michael's work responsibilities include wrestling with ESRI software, specifically ArcIMS and ArcGIS Server, building and supporting the many Java web applications, and managing the production and support servers at the ADS. Particular interests include Java web frameworks, web services (SOAP, REST and OAI-PMH), Linked Open Data, and web analytics (particularly Piwik). Michael is also involved in the Mobile Applications development at the ADS, which includes both the iOS and Android platforms.
When not referring to himself in the 3rd person, he also enjoys listening to Test Match Special, watching The Colbert Report, and driving on the right side of the road.


  • Sun Certified Java Programmer 6.0
  • Oracle Certified Professional, Java EE 5 Web Component Developer

Departmental roles

  • Departmental Computing Officer

University roles

  • Infrastructure Forum


Research group(s)

  • Archaeological Information Systems
  • Centre for Digital Heritage


Selected publications

Charno, M., Jeffrey, S., Binding, C., Tudhope, D. & May, K. (2013) "From the Slope of Enlightenment to the Plateau of Productivity: developing linked data at the ADS", in eds G. Earl, T. Sly, A. Chrysanthi, P. Murrieta-Flores, C. Papadopoulos, I. Romanowska & D. Wheatley (eds), Proc. of the 40th Int. Conf. on Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA); Southampton, UK, 2012.

Richards, J., Winters, J., & Charno, M., (2010) "Making the LEAP: Linking electronic archives and publications", in eds E. Jerem & V. Szevere'nyi, (eds) On the road to reconstructing the past, Proc. 36th Int. Conf. on Computer Applications and Quantative Methods in Archaeology (CAA), Budapest, Hungary, 2008.

Charno, M. (2007) 'An Interactive Image Using SVG and Ajax in Archaeology', Internet Archaeology 23. DOI:10.11141/ia.23.5 .

Sound Bytes at the ADS



  • Working on the Web
  • Analysis and Visualisation

External activities


Invited talks and conferences

  • University of York RDM workshop; "DOIs and the ADS", July 2013, York
  • CERIF for Datasets workshop; "Archaeological Data Centre and DataCite Case Study", July 2013, Glasgow
  • Cambridge University Social Media and Public Archaeology; "Archaeological ASBO", May 2013, Cambridge
  • Oxford University Department of Continuing Education GIS in Archaeology; "The Afterlife of GIS", May 2013, Oxford
  • Southampton University Archaeological Computing Research Group; "SELECT ?data { ?data dcterms:publisher “ADS” } or Linked Data at the ADS", March 2013, Southampton
  • Southampton University Undergradutate Seminar; "2,000 years in the making, 3 days to record, backed up in 30 seconds, lost forever?", March 2013, Southampton
  • DataCite Workshop: Making citation work, practical issues for institutions; Invited Panel Member, March 2013, London
  • JISC GECO Workshop; "The past is a different county: they map things differently there", March 2012, London
  • CBA Winter AGM; "ADS: challenges for archaeology in the digital age", February 2012, London
  • University College Dublin Postgrad Seminar; "2,000 years in the making, 3 days to record, backed up in 30 seconds, lost forever?", October 2011, Ireland
  • DataCite Service User Workshop; "The ADS Implementation of DOIs", April 2011, London
  • Oxford University Postgraduate Seminar; "Archaeology Data Service: challenges for archaeology in the digital age", October 2009, Oxford
  • University College London Undegraduate Seminar; "ADS, the Internet and Digital Archaeology", October 2008, London
  • Oxford University Postgraduate Seminar; "ADS, the Internet and Digital Archaeology", October 2008, Oxford
  • Manchester University Graduate Skills Seminar; "Introducing the ADS: themes in digital resources for archaeology", March 2007, Manchester
  • Oxford University Graduate Skills Seminar; "The Archaeology Data Service: Digital Resources for professional and research archaeology", February 2007, Oxford
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