André Carlo Colonese
Lecturer in Bioarchaeology



I am an environmental and biomolecular archaeologist who uses a range of techniques to investigate the nature and development of past economies and consumption practices. Since my PhD in Italy (2002) and postdoc in Spain (2008) my research has involved archaeozoology and stable isotope analysis of biogenic carbonates for palaeoenvironmental reconstructions. With my Marie Curie (2011) and AHRC (2013) fellowships in York I expanded my expertise to include stable isotopes of bulk collagen, amino acids and fatty acids, and molecular analysis of lipids from bone, wood and ceramic artefacts.

My interests lie in coastal areas as they offer unique opportunities for population growth and innovation. Specifically, I focus on early coastal adaptation and the transition from foraging to farming in South America and the Mediterranean. I am investigating the nature and development of early food production in the Middle to Late Holocene in the Atlantic Forest and Amazon coasts of Brazil. I am also currently working in the Mediterranean to assess the role of coastal areas to prehistoric foragers and early farmers in this region.


Academic appointments

2016 - current - Lecturer in Bioarchaeology, Dept. of Archaeology, University of York (UK).  

2014 - 2016 - AHRC-Research Associate. Dept. of Archaeology, University of York (UK).

2011 - 2013 - Marie Curie Research Fellow. Dept. of Archaeology, University of York (UK).

2008 - 2011 - Jae-Doc Research Associate. Institución Milá y Fontanals, Spanish National Research Council, Barcelona (Spain).


Academic qualifications

2016 - UK Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP), University of York (UK).

2013 - Acreditació de Recerca, professorat agregat, AQU Catalunya (Spain)

2006 - PhD. Prehistory: culture and environment of the Late Pleistocene. Università degli Studi di Siena (Italy).

2002 - BA and MA (Laurea quatriennale). Lettere (Cum laude). Università degli Studi di Firenze (Italy).


Departmental roles

Director of the Undergraduate Programme

Co-Director of the MSc in Bioarchaeology

Erasmus and World Wide Exchange coordinator

Subject Facilitator and Program Co-Leader for Natural Sciences

University roles

Misconduct Panel for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities



My areas of interest include:

  • Stable isotopes analysis (bulk collagen, single amino acids, fatty acids, carbonate), organic residue analysis, shell remains.
  • Coastal Archaeology, Environmental Archaeology, South American Archaeology (Atlantic forest)
  • Late Pleistocene-Holocene climate and environmental change


2019 - 2020. Exploring the origin of food production in the Atlantic Forest coast of Brazil. National Geographi Explorar Grant

2019 - 2014. TRADITION: Long-term coastal adapation, food security and poverty allevitaion in Latin America. ERC-Consolidator Grant    

2018 - 2020. Life style of early complex societies in central Andes: bioarchaeological perspectives of the social complexity process in Caral, the oldest city of the Americas. FAPESP (Brazil)





2018 FAPESP (São Paulo, Brazil), Young Investigator Award Program, senior research

2018 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships, co-PI

2017 I+D Excelencia, Plan Estatal, HAR2017-86262-P, senior researcher

2016 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships, co-PI.

2015 British Academy/Newton Mobility Grants, PI

2014 Society of Antiquaries of London, PI

2013 FAPESP (São Paulo, Brazil), Regular Research Grant, co-PI

2013 Santander International Connections Award, PI

2013 Marie Curie Research Fellowship for Career Development, applicant

2013 Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, MCINN, HAR2012-38838-C02-01, named researcher

2012 Ministero degli Esteri Italiano, senior researchers

2011 Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, MCINN, HAR2011-25826, senior researcher

2011 Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, MCINN, HAR2009-06996, senior researcher

2009 Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, AGAUR, SGR 734, named researcher

2009 Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, MCINN, HAR2009-13494-C02-01, named researcher

2009 Mobility Grant, Spanish National Research Council (Spain), PI

2008 Jae-Doc, Spanish National Research Council (Spain), applicant

2012 Ministero degli Esteri Italiano, senior researchers

2005 FAPESP (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Large grant, researcher


I have active collaborations with researchers from

  • Universita di Pisa
  • Universita di Firenze
  • Universita di Siena
  • Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona
  • Spanish National Research Council
  • Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre
  • University of Melbourne
  • Universidade de Sao Paulo
  • Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina
  • Maison de l'Archéologie et de l'Ethnologie à Nanterre
  • Universidade Federal de Pelotas
  • Universidade da Regiao de Joinville
  • Museu do Sambaqui de Joinville

Available PhD research projects

2015-2017, Vanessa Navarrete Belda. Domesticación animal y prácticas ganaderas iniciales en el noreste peninsular (5.500-4.700 cal ANE). Integración de los análisis de isótopos estables en arqueozoología. Dept. Prehistory. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain). Joint supervision with Maria Sana (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)



2017-in progress, Silvia Soncin, Imperial Roman lifeways – diet at Herculaneum, 79 AD. Dept. of Archaeology, University of York.

2013-2017, Ismail SAAFI. Contribution de la malacofaune continentale dans l'économie de subsistance des populations capsiennes et néolithique en Tunisie durant l'Holocène. Laboratoire Méditerranéen de préhistoire Europe-Afrique UMR 6636 - Aix en Provence (France). joint supervision with Robert Chenorkian (Laboratoire Méditerranéen de préhistoire Europe-Afrique UMR 6636 - Aix en Provence)



2017, Thiago Fossile, MSc Marine Biology, Department of Animal Biology, University of Santa Maria, Brazil (in progress)

2017, Ryan Desrosier. MSc Bioarchaeology, Department of Archaeology, University of York

2017, Rachel Winter. MSc Bioarchaeology, Department of Archaeology, University of York

2018, Javier Montalvo. MSc Bioarchaeology, Department of Archaeology, University of York

2019, Christine Colan. MSc Bioarchaeology, Department of Archaeology, University of York

2019, Kristi Chervenka. MSc Bioarchaeology, Department of Archaeology, University of York

2019, Ellen Hallingstad. MSc Bioarchaeology, Department of Archaeology, University of York  


External activities


Memberships, etc.


Contact details

Dr André Carlo Colonese
University of York
BioArCh, Environment Building
Wentworth Way
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Tel: (44) 1904 328650