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Alice Toso gained a BSc in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage from the University of Bologna in 2011, focusing on field archaeology and Iron Age. During this period she took part in a number of excavations in Italy (Etruscan and Iron Age), Spain (Iron Age), UK (Roman and Iron Age) and India (Harappan period). She then completed a MSc degree in Palaeopathology at the University of Durham in 2013 with a dissertation on the relationship between status and non-specific stress markers in a medieval population from northern Italy. Alice accepted a position as Research Assistant in a forensic anthropology project in Porto, Portugal during which she focused on methodological question of sex and age estimation of skeletal remains for forensic purposes at the Institute of Legal Medicine. She returned to the UK to complete a WRoCAH AHRC funded PhD in Archaeology at the University of York, awarded in 2018, where she analysed stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen (δ13C, δ15N) in human and animal remains to explore questions of diet, subsistence and social inequalities among groups of different faith and chronology in Medieval Portugal.

In 2018 she took up the post of Associate lecturer in the Department of Archaeology at the University of York focusing on undergraduate and postgraduate teaching of several modules including foundation modules, archaeological science and biomolecular archaeology.

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Member of the Widening Participation working group

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My research interest lies in the application of bioarchaeology and biomolecular techniques to explore question of social inequality in the past, focusing on health, diet and food availability in minority groups through political and chronological shifts. I specialise in osteoarchaeology, paleopathology and stable isotope analysis (δ13C, δ15N, δ34S) of ancient human and animal remains.


Selected publications

Toso, A., Gaspar, S., Garcia, S., Banha da Silva, R., Alexander, M., 2019. High status diet and health in Medieval Lisbon: a combined isotopic and osteological analysis of the Islamic population from São Jorge Castle, Portugal, Anthropological and Archaeological Sciences (In press).


Pezo-Lanfranco, L., Eggers, S., Petronilho, C., Toso, A., da Rocha Bandeira, D., Von Tersch, M., dos Santos, A.M., da Costa, B.R., Meyer, R. and Colonese, A.C., 2018. Middle Holocene plant cultivation on the Atlantic Forest coast of Brazil?. Royal Society Open Science, 5(9), p.180432.


Filipe, V., Toso, A., Inocêncio, J., 2018. Perspectivas arqueobiológicas sobre a necrópole islâmica de Alfama. I Encontro de Arqueologia de Lisboa: Uma Cidade em Escavação, Lisboa: CAL/DPC/DMC/CML.


Toso, A., Alexander, M., 2018. Paleodietary reconstruction, In Tavares da Silva, C (ed) Caetobriga. O sítio arqueológico da Casa dos Mosaicos. Setúbal Arqueológica, 17.


Pereira, P., Sianto, L., Chaves, S., Teixeira-Santos, I., Gonçalves, D., Santos, A., Toso, A., Calleja, A., Coutinho, A., Araujo, C., Godinho, R., 2017. A necrópole do Largo da Igreja (Sarilhos Grandes): evidências bioarqueológicas de encontro entre Portugal e o Novo Mundo. Historia e Patrimonio, o porto e o mar. Sines: Câmara Municipal de Sines.


Toso, A., 2012. Multidisciplinary approach to the study of the rock art: a case of study from Susa Valley,Italy. Arkeogazte, 2.



First year

Introduction to archaeological science

Accessing archaeology

Second year

Themes in Historical Archaeology: Medieval Islam

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Assessed seminar: Paleodiet

World Archaeology



Ancient Biomolecules

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