Academic staff

Academic staff

Michelle Alexander: Biomolecular Archaeology, Stable Isotope Analysis, Medieval Archaeology 

Steve Ashby: Medieval Archaeology and Artefact Studies
Penny Bickle: European Prehistory, Archaeology of daily life, death and burial in prehistory
André Colonese: Bioarchaeology
Gill Chitty: Conservation, Heritage Management
Samuel Cobb: Anatomy
Prof. Matthew Collins: Biomolecular Archaeology
Louise CookeConservation Skills and Heritage Protection
Oliver Craig: Biomolecular Archaeology and head of BioArch, Prehistory, Palaeodiet & Artefacts
Phil Cox: Functional Morphology, Evolutionary Biology
Jonathan Finch: Historic Landscapes, Commemoration and Memory, Church Archaeology
Laura FittonEvolutionary Anatomy, Virtual Anthropology, Functional Morphology
Kate Giles: Archaeology of Buildings, Buildings History, Conservation and Heritage Management of Historic Buildings
Malin Holst: Osteoarchaeology
Matt Jenkins: Buildings Archaeology
Aimée Little: Early Prehistory, Material Culture and Experimental Archaeology
Aleksandra McClain: Medieval Archaeology, Church Archaeology, Commemorative Monuments
Prof. Nicky Milner: Mesolithic & Neolithic Archaeology, Consumption Practices, Death and Burial
Colleen Morgan: Digital Media and Archaeology, Excavation Methodology, Middle East & Arabian Archaeology
Prof. Paul O'Higgins: Skeletal Growth, Developmental Evolution, Hominins, Variation, Morphometrics
David Orton: Zooarchaeology, Neolithic Balkans

Sara Perry: Cultural Heritage Practice, Museums, Visual and Digital Media, Anthropology, History of Archaeology

Prof. Julian Richards: Early Medieval Archaeology and computer applications, Director of the Archaeology Data Service and co-Director of Internet Archaeology
Steve Roskams: Urban Archaeology, Roman to Medieval Transitions, Excavation Methods, Marxist Archaeology
Prof. John Schofield: Cultural Heritage Management, Landscape, Archaeology of the Contemporary Past and Conflict Archaeology
Dav Smith: Buildings Archaeology, Metric Survey, Visualisation
Camilla SpellerBiomolecular Archaeology, Paleogenomics, Environmental Archaeology
Penny Spikins: Palaeolithic / Mesolithic Archaeology, Cognitive and Social Evolution
Kevin Walsh: Prehistoric Landscape Archaeology
Stephanie Wynne-Jones: East African Coastal Urbanism, Material Culture, Social Practice
Emeritus Professors

Prof. Geoff Bailey: Coastal and Underwater Prehistory, Evolution of Terrestrial Landscapes, Time Perspectivisim

Prof. Martin Carver: Protohistory, Religion, Pictish Archaeology, Archaeological Practice

Prof. Mark Edmonds: Prehistory, Landscape and Memory, the Social Dimensions of Technology

Prof. Terry O'Connor: Zooarchaeology, Taphonomy

Associate Lecturers
Lu Cooke
Don Henson
Tom Fitton
Matt Jenkins
Andy Needham
Paola Ponce
James Taylor