Tabitha Kabora

Research project

Dynamics of Water management systems in historical African agricultural societies: Modelling the long term ecosystem and socioeconomic interactions in a historical agronomy in East Africa

Supervisors: Dr Daryl Stump

                   Prof John Wainwright

Archaeology of Agricultural Resilience in Eastern Africa (AAREA) project

I am the principal researcher on the Agent-Based Modelling component of an archaeology-led project (Archaeology of Agricultural Resilience in Eastern Africa - AAREA) that aims to assess the role archaeological data can play in assessments of long-term resilience and sustainability.

My research, involves developing an agent based model for assessing hydrological functions within a complex irrigated landscape in East Africa, specifically the Engaruka system in Tanzania, based on modern topographic surveys and archaeological data. The research aims to provide scenarios of how this agroeconomic landscape developed through time and the environmental and socioeconomic factors that influenced its development.

My role within the project is to integrate archaeological, ethnographic and palaeoenvironmental evidence with modern ecological and archaeological data in order to model the development and operation of this East African agricultural system. This project aims to develop an integrated ABM of a water management system, that incorporates hydrological dynamics and sediment transportation with soil erosion histories, crop and vegetation dynamics and human decision-making.


University-level teaching experience

I have been involved in a wide variety of undergraduate and master's level teaching within the Department of Archaeology that incorporates seminars, skills workshops, fieldwork and lectures. Notable courses include:

  • Research Skills -Workshops on GIS and Topographic Survey (Master's Module)
  • Archaeology of Colonialism (3rd Year Module)
  • Research Skills -Workshops on GIS (2nd Year Module)
  • Field Archaeology - Survey skills (1st Year Module)
  • The Biosphere: An Introduction to the Environment through Science and Human Interactions (Guest Lecture, Centre for Lifelong Learning)

In addition, I have provided co-supervisory support for Master's students, focusing on Geographic Information Systems (GIS), in the development of summative work as well as their Dissertation projects.

I am an associate member of the Higher Education Academy and have successfully completed the University of York's York Learning and Teaching Award (YLTA) course

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