Research students


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Khalid Al  Asmari  The Neolithic site of Al Uuyannah, Tabuk, NW Saudi Arabia
Jess Bates Investigating invisible traces at the Early Mesolithic site of Star Carr: a temporal and spatial analysis of flint microwear patterns
Taryn Bell The comfort (and security) of things: an archaeology of object attachment
Claire Boardman  The creation, use and re-use of archaeological and historic environment data and information
Manon Bondetti  The 'aquatic Neolithic' of the Northern European Boreal Forest
Lee Broderick Exeter: Economy and Ecology of a City and Region in the Historic Period
Vanessa Castagnino Whitefriars: metal acquisition and object production at monastic houses in late medieval England
Blessing Chidimuro Exploring transforming diets in industrialized societies (late 18th to 19th century): a direct isotopic approach
Ewan Chipping How was the morphology of domestic cattle and aurochs affected by human husbandry and exploitation in Britain from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age? 
Simone Chisena Man looks at himself: an archaeological and ethnographic study of changing visual self-perception in European prehistoric societies through the lens of figurative art (40.000 BP - 2.200 BC) 
Tara Copplestone The medium and the message in archaeological interpretation, documentation and communication: Novel approaches through the design and development of video-games? 
Vivien Deacon The Rock-art landscapes of Rombalds Moor 
Sarah Delaney A study of population and individual diet and lifeways from English medieval Nunneries, Monasteries, urban and rural populations using stable isotopic methods, and micro-debris analysis of dental calculus
L. Meghan Dennis Ethics and Archaeogaming: Examining representations of archaeology, archaeologists and antiquities trafficking in videogames 
Francesca Dolcetti Digital visualisation and interpretation of archaeological sites. A case study from Bronze Age Cyprus 
Sean Doherty

The social and cultural identity of animals in post-medieval England AD 1640 - AD 1850

Alison Edwards Communication and change in the heritage sector: How (well) do critical heritage theory, legislation and practice share ideas? 
Katrina Foxton Within the Walls: Heritage management, value and local communities
Harald Fredheim Sustaining Archaeological Adoption: Facilitating Long-term Community-led Heritage Stewardship by Digital Co-creation
Patrick Gibbs  Digital interpretation - measuring how far we've come 
Eleanor Green Unlocking the genetic potential of museum stores
Michael Groves  Roots for Culture: ArticulatingThe Individual in the Social Construction of 'Tradition' in Woodworking Practice
Ian Hardwick Pushing the frontiers of Roman identity: An examination of the northern frontier system of Britannia and the interaction of identity with the landscape
Joanne Harrison

Back-to-back houses and their communities in 21st century Leeds

Steve Hartley

Craft Education in the United States and Great Britain: A cross-cultural examination of ideals, approaches and solutions

Ana Harto Villén Western European Upper Palaeolithic to Neolithic Burial Practices 
Gail Hitchens  Neanderthals on the move: modelling mobility and the role of children in the Middle Palaeolithic
David Jennings Adopting Archaeology
Peter Jensen An archaeological data model for complex spatial data 
Theis Jensen  The animality of Mesolithic bone tools
Tabitha Kabora

AAREA Project (The Archaeology of Agricultural Resilience in Eastern Africa)

Aimee Keithan Servants' Passage: Cultural identity in the architecture of service in British and American country houses, c.1740-1890 
Caitlin Kitchener "Unite and be free": The historical archaeology of British political radicalism, c. 1815 -1822
Ioannis Kontopoulos

Petrous Bone Diagenesis and Biomolecular Archaeology: A Holistic Approach

Federica Landi

The study of growth and development of H.sapiens skull

Abigail Lowe 

 Digital Tools for Molecular Conservation and Heritage: isotope postcoding

Jasmine Lundy Cuisine in Transition: tracking changes in pottery use in Medieval Sicily using organic residue analysis
Lisa MacKenzie Occupational Health in the Post-Medieval period: Insights from dental calculus
Rachelle Martyn Determining long-term changes to North Sea ecosystems through δ15N analysis of single amino acids from historic fish bone
Hayley McParland Exploring interior and exterior space at Songo Mnara through phytolith analysis
Aurore Monnereau   Tracking Ancestry: Ancient genomic analysis of multi-faith populations from Medieval Sicily
Paul Edward Montgomery Ramírez Branding Barbarians: The development of renewable archaeotourism sites to re-present marginalized cultures of the past
Suzanne Moss Colonialism and horticulture in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
Mariana Muñoz Rodriguez Artefact Geographies of the Viking Age 
Sophie Norton Conservation and the community of craftspeople: a Yorkshire case study 
James Nottingham  The changing nature of dogs in (post)medieval England: a bioarchaeological study of treatment, health, size, and diet across human social contexts.
Alastair Oswald A sense of place: sensory perceptions of Neolithic causewayed enclosures in their landscape contexts
Samantha Presslee Palaeoproteomics
Claire Price ‘Beyond the List’: A critical examination of the development and impacts of statutory and non-statutory heritage lists on the national management of heritage in England 
Ian Read  
Callum Reilly Materialising inequality and model communities: An archaeology of modern social reform
Andrew Reinhard Archaeological tools and methods for documenting machine-created culture in digital built environments 
Keri Rowsell Post-Medieval Poverty: an Integrated Investigation
Anne Kathrine Wiborg Runge Inferring dog and human diet and subsistence strategies in the past using metagenomic and metaproteomic approaches 
Gustavo Sandoval Garcia An epistemology of the archaeological record: decision and interpretation in excavation 
Carl Savage Coinage, Landscape and society in the borderlands: economy, politics and identity in Scotland and northern England 1136-1603
Jack Saxton  Archaeology of the Norman Conquest in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire
Alaina Schmisseur The History of Archaeological Conservation
Callum Scott  Environmental variability and the evolution of human personality variation
Hannah Simons

Searching for a needle in a haystack: An investigation into the use of plant fibre cordage, textiles and basketry in the Palaeolithic

Silvia Soncin  Roman Lifeways: New perspectives on Diet and Wellbeing at Herculaneum, AD 79
Carla Soto Quintana  Proteomics and the Decline of Parchment use
Alessandra Sprega Between two floods. Local Flood Culture to build resilience: The case of the historic centre of York
Edward Standall Plants in pots: The molecular and isotopic identification of cereals in archaeological ceramics
Aubrey Steingraber Landscapes of power and landscapes of mobility - Frontier dynamics on the medieval Anglo-Scottish border, c. 1100-1400
Suraya Sukri Local communities engagement at the World Heritage Sites of Melaka
Amanda Thompson  The Historical Landscape of Ossabaw Island, Georgia

Senna Thornton-Barnett

The Archaeobotany of Agricultural Resilience in East Africa

Alice Ughi

Diet in transition: Stable isotope analysis of multi-faith populations in medieval Sicily 

John Ugwuanyi

 The Igbo ‘Village Square’, Heritage and Museum Discourse: An Ethnographic Investigation

Jiří Vnouček 

Learning the history of manuscripts with the help of visual assessment of the parchment - The differences in animals and processes employed in the preparation of parchment 

Megan von Ackermann Early medieval keys 
Rob Webley Conquest and Continuity: characterising portable metalwork in Late Saxon and Anglo-Norman England, AD 900-1250
Nicholas Wilson  Tradition and transition: Burial practices in Roman Britain
Annabell Zander "Lost in transition" – tracing human responses to climatic and environmental change in the Pleistocene-Holocene transition in north-western Europe