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Medieval & Historical Archaeology


York is a centre of research excellence in medieval and historical archaeology, not just for the UK, but also explore these interests in a broader context that includes the medieval Islamic world. The research interests of this group are linked to many of the most significant themes of medieval and historic-period archaeology.  Our research considers the relationships between archaeology, art, and history, and material culture and text; culture contact and sociopolitical transitions; local and global trade, exchange, and interaction; settlement and inhabitation of buildings, landscapes, and social spaces; working and social relationships between people, animals, and animal products; material expressions of identity and social location; and the archaeology of death and memory.

We have a number of primary fieldwork specialties, including:  recording, analysis, and visualisation of medieval and post-medieval buildings, with particular strengths in church buildings, public architecture, vernacular housing, and virtual reality reconstruction; mapping and analysis of medieval and early modern settlements and estate landscapes in Britain and abroad; the remains of medieval and early modern mortuary and commemorative practice; and consideration of modern heritage sites and public engagement and perceptions.  

We work closely with colleagues in other disciplines through the Centre for Medieval Studies (CMS) and Centre for Eighteenth-Century Studies (CECS), both of which are based at King's Manor, adjacent to the Archaeology Department.

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Medieval and Historical Archaeology

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