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Past postgraduate theses held by the JB Morrell Library and King's Manor Library (Conservation and Postwar Recovery Studies)


1989 OTTOWAY, P (DPhil) Anglo-Scandinavian ironwork from 16-22 Coppergate, York, c850-1100 AD
1990 GILCHRIST, R (DPhil) The archaeology of female piety: gender, ideology and material culture in later medieval England (c.1050-1550)
1991 SAUNDERS, T (DPhil) Marxism and archaeology: the origins of feudalism in early medieval England
1992 HAMMER, F (MPhil) Excavation and post-excavation recording methods in British archaeology today: investigation of strategies pursued by 70 archaeological units and projects during the 1980s
1995 GEAKE, H (DPhil) The use of grave goods in middle Anglo-Saxon England: a review of its significance
1995 GIBSON, P (DPhil) Application of hybrid neural network models to archaeofaunal ageing and interpretation: a study
1997 HAWES, D (MPhil) Family values and tributary relations: social change and domestic space in the Romano-British countryside
1998 MILLER, P (DPhil) The York Archaeological assessment: an investigation of techniques for urban deposit modelling utilising Geographic Information Systems
1998 HOFFMAN, B (DPhil) Towards an architecture for peacebuilding: restructuring power in political conflict
1998 KIENZLE, P (DPhil) Conservation and reconstructions at the Palace of Minos at Knossos
1998 OZERDEM, A (DPhil) An approach to sustainable recovery of urban water supplies in war-affected areas with specific reference to the Tuzla region of Bosnia and Herzegovina
1999 KRISPRANTONO (DPhil) The study of vernacular buildings to inform the education for contemporary design concepts, with special reference to central Java
1999 SUMANOV, L (DPhil) Conservation and seismic strengthening of architectural heritage: Byzantine churches of the ninth to fourteenth century in Macedonia
1999 URUSHIBARA Hiroshi (DPhil) Housing policy and design: the role of housing policy and its effect on design in Japan and Britain


Past postgraduate theses held by the JB Morrell Library and King's Manor Library (Conservation and Postwar Recovery Studies)


2000 CLARK Jonathan (DPhil) Royal castle building in the reigns of King John and Henry III
2000 GILES Katherine (DPhil) An archeology of social identity in York, c.1350-1630
2000 GILL-ROBINSON Heather (MPhil) Factors contributing to the preservation of mammalian remains in peat bogs: an archaeological perspective
2000 PETROPOULOU Evangelia (MPhil) Should the funding of archaeological research be the responsibility of the state or of those private developers who destroy the data?
2000 O'COILL Carl (DPhil) NGO's, place and the cultural politics of development in Nairobi: constructing strategies in contingent conditions
2000 ROWELL Rochelle (DPhil) The archaeology of late monastic hospitality
2000 SYMONDS Leigh (DPhil) Landscape and social practice: the production and consumption of pottery in tenth century Lincolnshire
2000 WEERATAWEEMAT, Songyot (DPhil) Royal Buddhist architecture of the early Bangkok period investigations in symbolic planning
2001 BEECH, Mark (Archaeology/Biology DPhil) In the Land of the Ichthyophagi: modelling fish exploitation in the Arabian Gulf and Gulf of Oman from the 5th millennium BC to the late Islamic period.
2001 BROOKS, A (DPhil) The comparative analysis of late 18th and 19th century ceramics: A trans-Atlantic perspective
2001 CARRINGTON David (DPhil) English church monuments to 1750: their survival and conservation
2001 FODDE Enrico (PhD) Twentieth-century earthen buildings of Sardinia: archaeometry and conservation
2001 WHYMAN Mark (DPhil) Late Roman Britain in Transition, AD300-500: a ceramic perspective from East Yorkshire
2002 BUCKHAM Susan (PhD) Meeting one's maker: commemoration and consumer choice in York cemetery
2002 FRYER Hazel (PhD) Humphry Repton (1752-1818): a Review of his Work as a Landscape Gardener
2002 GAUT, Bjarne (MPhil) Britain and western Scandinavia in the Vendel Period, c. 570 - c. 800: the evidence of artifacts
2002 SAMPAIO Julio (PhD) The revitalisation of historic urban areas in Brazil
2003 GIBSON James (MPhil) Victorian restoration of Anglican churches in the Diocese of Chester, 1830-1914 and its implications for current conservation practice
2003 GOULDSBOROUGH Peter (PhD) Flora in the Conservation of Historic Buildings
2003 PIPER Philip (PhD) Small Vertebrate Taphonomy from British Rural and Urban settlement Sites of the Roman and Medieval Periods


Past postgraduate theses held by the JB Morrell Library and King's Manor Library (Conservation and Postwar Recovery Studies)


2004 EMERICK Keith (PhD) From Frozen Monuments to Fluid Landscapes - The conservation of ancient monuments from the nineteenth century to the present
2004 MEIR Jennifer (PhD) Sanderson Miller (1716-1780): landscape designs and buildings in the landscape
2004 TURNER, Samuel (PhD) Christianity and landscape: early medieval south-west Britain
2005 GLENN, John (PhD) Ornamental Use of Yew in English Parks and Gardens
2005 JOHNSTONE, Cluny (PhD) A Zooarchaeological study of equids in the Roman world
2005 MEATYARD, Kate (PhD) Inside the garden envelope: assessing the interface of nature and culture in the New World, 1600-1800
2005 PITTS Martin (PhD) Consumption and identity in Essex and Hertfordshire c. 50 BC-AD 200: a ceramic perspective
2005 RAGGETT Jill (PhD) Japanese Garden Style in the British Isles 1850-1950
2005 RUSK Katherine (PhD) Shall We Abide Here? Site selection criteria of the Eastern Settlement of Norse Greenland
2006 GERRARD James (PhD) Pottery and the end of Roman Britain: the view from Somerset and Dorset
2006 GRIFFIN Rebecca (PhD) Application of amino acid racemization in enamel to the estimation of age at death of archaeological remains
2006 HARLAND Jennifer (PhD) Zooarchaeology in the Viking Age to Medieval Northern Isles, Scotland
2006 HULL Daniel (PhD) The archaeology of monasticism: society, landscape and politics in Late Antique Syria
2006 MCCLAIN Aleksandra (PhD) Power, patronage and identity: the social use of local churches and commemoration in 10th to 13th century North Yorkshire
2006 MELLOR Ian (PhD) 'Temples of power' - space, society and the textile mill c1780-1930
2006 TOOP Nicola (PhD) Dialogues of power: Early Christian monumentality around the Northern Irish Sea AD400-1000
2006 WATSANTACHAD Nuanlak (PhD) A study of laterite used in Khmer architecture in Thailand
2007 ASHBY Steven (PhD) Time, trade and identity: bone and antler combs in Northern Britain c AD700-1400
2007 LAURIE Eva (PhD) An investigation of the common cockle (Cerastoderma edule (L.)): collection practices at the kitchen midden sites of Norsminde and Krabbesholme, Denmark
2007 LOUDEN Elizabeth (PhD) Wood and weathering and the West: a deterioration study of five wood species used in ranch buildings built between 1850 and 1950 in the Llano Estacado region (South-western United States)
2007 ROBINSON Ben (PhD)

English Sites and Monuments Records: from Planning to Research

2007 WATERTON Emma (PhD) From 'Monument' to 'Meaning': The Discursive History of Heritage
2007 WILSON Ross (PhD) Archaeology on the Western Front: Memory, Narrative, Identity


Past postgraduate theses held by the JB Morrell Library and King's Manor Library (Conservation and Postwar Recovery Studies)


2008  ATHA Michael (PhD) Late Iron Age Regionality and early Roman trajectories (100BC-200AD): A landscape perspective from East Yorkshire
2008 COLLINS Robert (PhD) Decline, Collapse, or Transformation? Hadrian's Wall in the 4th-5th Centuries AD
2008 DOBSON Lemont (PhD) Landscape, monuments and the construction of social power in early medieval Deira
2008 GRABOW Sven (PhD) Culture heritage management policy by the European Union: reconciling diversity and inclusivity?
2008 HEARD, Anne (PhD) The Knights Templar in Lincolnshire
2008 MALESZKA-RITCHIE Monika (PhD) The evidence for standardisation within the archaeological and historical records of the Baltic Viking Age: implications for our understanding of trade and exchange
2008 RAHN Robert (PhD) "There is a great abundance of all things": locational analysis (GIS) and anthropology of the Orcadian Middle Iron Age
2008 RAKOCZY Lila (PhD) Archaeology of destruction: a reinterpretation of castle slightings in the English Civil War
2008 REYNOLDS Patricia (PhD) Transmission and Recall: The Use of Short Wall Anchors in the Wide World
2008 WATSON, Stephen (PhD) Church Tourism: Representation and Cultural Practice
2009 BELSHAW, Naomi (PhD) An investigation of the visibility of Mesolithic and Neolithic coastal sites in North-West Europe; focusing on Scotland and how sea-level change effects archaeological understanding
2009 BERRY, Michael (PhD) Methodological study of stratigraphic sequencing
2009 GJERDE, Astrid (PhD) Hunter-gatherers on the move: A study of dwellings in southern Scandinavia, Norway, Britain and Ireland
2009 LEE, Su-Jeong (PhD) Use and preservation : The conservation of Religious Monasteries in Contemporary Use
2009 MOORE, Raymond (PhD) The Viking settlement landscapes of Jurby, Isle of Man. A change in perception or a perception of change?
2009 NEAL, Catherine (PhD) People and the environment: A geoarchaeological approach to the Yorkshire Wolds landscape
2009 RICHER, Susan (PhD) From pollen to people: The interaction between people and their environment in the mid-to-high altitudes of the Southern French Alps
2009 ROMER, Wendelin (PhD) Modern Visions of a Gendered Past: interpreting gender in cross-cultural archaeology
2009 WALKER, Jennifer (PhD) The ideology of the timber hall of the North Sea Region during the Conversion Period
2010 DEMARCHI, Beatrice Geochronology of coastal prehistoric environments: a new closed system approach using amino acid racemisation
2010 GROENING, Flora (PhD) Functional morphology of modern human and Neanderthal mandibles
2010 JOHANSEN, Leslie A Prospect beyond History: The Contextual Analysis of Designed Landscapes in the North Riding, Yorkshire, during the Long-Eighteenth Century
2010 KING, Gary The alien presence: Palaeoentomological approaches to trade and migration
2010 PANAGIOTOPOULOU, Olga (PhD) Determinants of symphyseal form in the catarrhine mandible: models of biomechanical and spatial requirements during ontogeny
2010 VAN ASPEREN, Eline An outline of late Middle Pleistocene horse biostratigraphy
2010 TATLIOGLU, Timur Biographies of People and Place: The Harewood Estate, 1698-1813
2011 NEWMAN, Charlotte The Place of the Pauper: An Archaeology of West Yorkshire Workhouses 1834-1930
2011 HOLTON, Alexander The Archaeology and Conservation of the East Front of York Minster
2011 CHRISTIE, Annalisa Exploring the Social Context of Maritime Exploitation in the Mafia Archipelago, Tanzania: an archaeological perspective
2011 SAUL, Hayley Infusion cuisine: a study of the value of foods in a pottery context across the transition to agriculture in the southern Balkans
2011 FAIRNELL, Eva Fur-bearing species: a zooarchaeological meta-analysis of their use across three regions in Britain
 2011  COUTU, Ashley  


Past postgraduate theses held by the JB Morrell Library and King's Manor Library (Conservation and Postwar Recovery Studies)


2012 MCGRORY, Simon Integrating biomolecular and zooarchaeological approaches to the construction of mortality profiles for archaeological cattle
2012 MEREDITH-WILLIAMS, Matthew Prehistoric coastal archaeology of the Farasan Islands, Saudi Arabia 
2012 SAENGPHUENG, Sasitsaya Managing religious heritage : competing discourses of hertitage and conflicts in cultural heritage management a case study of Lamphun, Northern Thailand
2012 PATERSON, Hilary Personal adornment in Celtic societies
2012 WRIGHT, Holly Seeing Triple: Archaeology, Field Drawing and the Semantic Web                         
2012 WHITAKER, Kathleen Changing cultural dynamics in prehistory on the Yorkshire Wolds
2012 BIGINAGWA, Thomas Historical archaeology of the 19th-century caravan trade in north-eastern Tanzania: a zooarchaeological perspective
2012 HECKMANN, Matthias HEEAL: Geomorphology and Geochemistry
2012 WOOD, Derek  Neanderthal biogeographic patterns over the Eemian-Weichsellian cycle
2012  BRUDENELL, Matthew  Pots, practice and society: an investigation of pattern and variability in post-Deverel Rimbury ceramic tradition of East Anglia
2012  BLINKHORN, Edward  The Mesolithic and the Planning Process
2012  WINDER, Isabelle  Hominin landscapes and co-evolutionary ecology: accommodating logical incoherence and complexity
2013 DEBONO SPITERI, Cynthianne The transition to agriculture in the western Mediterranean: evidence from pots
2013 VON HOLSTEIN, Isabella New analytical approaches to understanding movement of medieval artefacts in North West Europe
2013 DEAN, Gareth Urban neighbourhoods: spatial and social development in York, c.600 - 1600
2013 ELLIOTT, Benjamin Red deer in the Mesolithic
2013 CEFAI, Shirley Conservation in Malta: A socio-political study
2013 JONES, Oliver The Queen's Men on tour
2013 BISHOP, Barry Grimes Graves environs survey
2013 VAN DOORN, Nienke LECHE: Protein Mass Spectrometry
2013 DUFFY, Sarah Archaeological recording in the digital age: towards an informed and reflexive methodology
2013 JENKINS, Matthew The view from the street: housing and shopping in York during the long eighteenth century
2013 POWELL, Joanne Evaluating measurement uncertainty in amino-acid racemisation analysis: towards a new chronology
2014 STEWART, John

Eggs is Eggs: making eggshell visible in the archaeological record

2014 PARKS, Rachael

Seals, seabirds and saithe: Assessing intensification of marine resource exploitation through the Mesolithic of Scotland

2014 CHAPMAN, Dawn

Between the bricks: making mortar visible in the archaeological record of Chatham and Effingham Counties, Georgia from 1830 to 1930

2014 KIDDEY, Rachael

Homeless heritage: collaborative social archaeology as therapeutic practice

2014 ALZAHRANI, Abdullah

Mining in Al-Baha region, south-western Saudi Arabia in Islamic-era: the archaeology of Asham

2014  LANG, Carol

The hidden archive of historical human inhumations locked within burial soils

2015  CORKILL, Claire 

Isle of Man internment camps 

2015 DEAN, Rebecca (MPhil)

Ancient Egyptian weaponry and warfare

2015 HAUSMANN, Niklas

The palaeoecology of shells in the Red Sea

2015 HENDY, Jessica

EUROTAST: Proteomic identification and study of disease in enslaved Africans

2015 JOHNSON, Mark

Historic timber-built sea-coast piers

2015 LEONARD, Alison

Nested negotiations: landscape and portable material culture in Viking-age England

2015 LILLEY, Suzanne

The importance, role, function and adaptation of 18th century textile workers' housing in the Derwent valley

2015 MARTINEZ LIRA, Patricia


2015 RAYNER, Emily (MPhil)

The landscape of Gawthorpe

2015 ROBERTS, David

Roman attitudes towards the natural world: a comparison of Wessex and Provence

2015 ROBSON, Harry

Mesolithic diets evidence for eel consumption

2015 SMITH, Dav

An archaeological examination of the five parish churches along the Roman road from Malton towards Hovingham

2015 WEBB, Simon

Early modern city walls 1550 - 1700

2015 HELLEWELL, EMILY An investigation into the placement of disarticulated human remains into shell middens during prehistory



Past postgraduate theses held by the JB Morrell Library and King's Manor Library (Conservation and Postwar Recovery Studies)



2016 BELFORD, PAUL Industrialisation and identity in Shropshire: The Brookes of Madeley, 1544-1646
2016 LENNOX, ROBERT Heritage and politics in the public value era
2016  SERCHISU, FABIO  Textile fibre preservation and statistical variation in burials:Clothing evidence in Anglo-Saxon and Roman inhumations
2016  WOOD, RACHEL  Late Romano-British pottery production in context: the Crambeck ware industry in its landscape setting
2016  CLARKE, JENNIFER  Commemorating nation and empire: Regimental memorials before 1914                         
2016  GHISLANDI, SABINA Graves under the microscope: micromorphological study of sediments in archaeological burials
2016 DEN, WEN-TSUNG Heritage in Taiwan
2017 ABRAMSON, ANTHONY  'Where there's muck there's brass!' Coinage in the Northumbrian landscape and economy, c. 575-c.867
2017 HENSON, DONALD The Meso-what? The public perceptions of the Mesolithic
2017 RADINI, ANITA Particles of everyday life Past diet and living conditions as evidenced by micro- debris entrapped in human dental calculus: a case study from Medieval Leicester and surrounding
2017 PHULGENCE, WINSTON Monument Building, Memory Making and Remembering Slavery in the Contemporary Atlantic World
2017 SCHOLMA-MASON, NELA Archaeology and Folklore: The Norse in Orkney's prehistoric Landscape
2017 CROFT, SHANNON Lithic residue analysis at Star Carr
2017 JACKSON, STELLA-ANNE Contesting the expert in the Big Society: An assessment of national and local significance in relation to heritage designation in England
2018 NEEDHAM, ANDREW Palaeolithic Art: More than meets the eye? An object biography approach to engraved stone plaquettes from the Magdalenian site of Montatruc, South-Central France
2018 WALTER, NIGEL 'All is Not Loss' - Change, Narrative and the Community Ownership of Historic Buildings
2018 GATTA, MAURIZIO  Understanding Late Pleistocene Landscapes of Central Italy: a Multidisciplinary Approach