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York Minster and View (Credit: University of York/Alex Holland) (240)

Information for Academic Visitors 

The Department of Archaeology welcomes applications from UK and international researchers who wish to spend time in the department as Academic Visitors.

As a visitor you will form part of the academic community of the department, and be informed by and contribute to our research activities. It is expected that your proposed research will align with one of our seven research strengths and ideally, you would have a particular academic in the department who you would like to work with and will introduce you to the department.

You will have a formal attachment to the department, giving you access to various facilities as detailed below. The department assumes that visitors will come to York to pursue independent research and does not provide or arrange any academic supervision. The role involves no remuneration.

Visiting students

Prospective student visitors who expect to stay for more than one month are encouraged to apply for visiting student status. This includes full access to training and support services, including accommodation. Please visit our Global York pages for application and fees information.

Visa procedures for all visitors

We regret that the department cannot provide advice on visas. For more information on visa applications, please visit the University's Immigration Advice Service website or inquire via the UKVI website. Please note that we are obliged to check right to work status even if you are not directly employed by the University.

Best time to visit

The academic year at York is divided into three terms. These begin with Autumn term from late September/early October to mid December. The Spring term runs from January to March. The Summer term begins in April and ends in June. Term dates are published on the University's website. The University vacation begins in late June and lasts until the end of September/beginning of October. Many people are away at this time and the department provides no teaching or events. The libraries may also open for shorter hours and may close completely for short periods.

Facilities for visitors

The following facilities may be provided for Academic Visitors:

  • University of York email address and limited use of University and Department computing facilities.
  • Use of the University Library.
  • Where space permits, a desk in a shared office with computing facilities.
  • Limited free use of the department's printing facilities.

Fees and funding
Depending on the duration and work undertaken during your visit fees may be applicable. Please discuss with your academic contact in the first instance. Bench fees may be charged if using laboratory or practical facilities.

Application procedure

Before applying, you are advised to discuss your research interests with a member of academic staff in the Department of Archaeology at York who would be suitable to host your visit. Our staff will then provide guidance on the full application procedure. Please note that all visits are at the discretion of the department's research committee and applications may be declined where the proposed work does not align with our research strengths or the identified academic sponsor for the visit would be absent from the department during the period of the visit (on research leave or working abroad) or is otherwise committed and unavailable to act as host for the visiting academic.