Accessibility statement

Virtual Reality Modelling 


Module leader: Colleen Morgan

Module Overview

This module provides an introduction to the key concepts and practical applications of three dimensional computer modelling and virtual reality for archaeology. At the beginning of this module students will be assigned a mock 'reconstruction brief' for a site relevant to their interests. Over the course of the module, each week, students will develop their digital model using skills learnt in the session. As well as learning technical skills students will also develop an understanding of processes of commissioning and production in archaeology, museums and the media. 


  • to introduce three-dimensional computer modelling, key concepts and technologies
  • to provide foundational practical experience with VR modelling
  • to understand the uses and limitations of VR modelling

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this module you should:

  • understand the concepts of working in 3D and be able to create 3D models of objects and buildings
  • have a working knowledge of 3D modelling, texturing, lighting and animation
  • know how to integrate other resources with 3D modelling
  • be able to develop a basic working VR experience/animation for TV/image set for publication


Heritage Tech model of HT Mickelgate cloister