Accessibility statement

Project Management Skills 


Module leader: Gareth Dean


This module will explore the management of projects from initial scoping and the formulation through to the planning and implementation publication/dissemination of results, and archiving. This module will equip you with a range of skills for use in project management, which can be applied to many of the different kinds of jobs you might graduate into. It includes evaluation strategies, risk assessments, and ways in which to tender for work and implement and track project work.


Module learning outcomes

At the end of this module students will be able to demonstate:

  • an understanding of the key principle of project management.
  • a knowledge of the curatorial frameworks and policies for project work in the UK.
  • an understanding of the key tools and skills that are used in the managment of projects

The module will be delivered in four seminars (each two hours long) and will involve opportunities for individual and group project work.