Postgraduate Induction Week 2017

The tables below outlines the events that are laid on to introduce you to the Department, to the University and to each other. Please attend all those that are relevant to you, so that you understand where things are and who people are! It will save you time in the future. 

During Induction Week you will need to get between King's Manor and Heslington Campus. See for information about travelling between them.

N.B. Students registering for PhD and MA (by research) should make an appointment to see their academic supervisor during week 1 (booking lists will be available on staff doors). All other MA/MSc students will be allocated a personal supervisor whom they will see during week 4 (sign up on the lists on staff office doors). Names of supervisors will be posted outside the Departmental Office

 University events

18 September Arrival day for students in uni accommodation, with ambassadors and buses from Manchester airport and York station  
19 September University Welcome talk - 12:00, followed by 'street food' and Information Fair Central Hall, Heslington
19 September Graduate Students' Association information fair Central Hall, Heslington
20 September

Information session for international students 10:00-12:00

Central Hall, Heslington

21 September

Social events organised by the GSA and colleges Graduate Students' Association

21 September Fire Safety briefing for campus residents 13:00-16:00 Central Hall, Heslington
22 September

For Research students only: Welcome from Dean; Introductions to key support services; current students talking about their research; alumni talking about their careers  10:00-12:00

Bowland Auditorium, Berrick Saul Building, Heslington
22 September For Research students only: Lunch and exhibitor stalls by additional internal and external services targeted at research students 12:00-14:00 Harry Fairhurst Building, Library, Heslington

Induction to the Department of Archaeology

Tuesday 26th September

Most of this induction day takes place in King's Manor (room numbers starting with K are rooms in King's Manor).


General Introduction for new PG students Group A - surnames A-L inclusive  (Gill Chitty and Kevin Walsh)

10.00-11.00 General Introduction for new PG students Group B - surnames M-Z (Gill Chitty and Kevin Walsh) K/133
  Introductory Briefings by Directors of Studies  

MA in Cultural Heritage Management - K/159
MA in Archaeology of Buildings - K/157
MA in Historical Archaeology - K/G15
MSc in Archaeological Information Systems/MSc in Digital Heritage - K/111
MA/MSc in Funerary Archaeology - K/155
MA in Mesolithic Studies - K/110


MSc in Bioarchaeology and MSc in Zooarchaeology - K/159
MA in Conservation Studies and Cons Studies (Historic Buildings)- K/133
MA in Field Archaeology - K/155
MA/MSc in Early Prehistory and Human Origins - K/111
MA in Prehistoric Landscape Archaeology - K/234

MA in Medieval Archaeology - K/157
MPhil/PhD and MA (by research) - K/G65

14.00-15.00 Mature students meeting (with Claire McNamara) K/157
17.45-19.00 Reception for all postgraduate students and staff Huntingdon Room, King's Manor

Thursday 28 September

14:00-14:45 For Masters students only: Introduction to Humanities Research Centre – Bowland Auditorium

Berrick Saul Building,

BS/005 Heslington


16.15-17.15 For PhD students only: Introduction to Humanities Research Centre – Bowland Auditorium

Berrick Saul Building,

BS/005 Heslington


17.30-18.30 Welcome reception for all new postgraduates organized by the Humanities Research Centre in the Berrick Saul foyer

Berrick Saul Treehouse (BS/104)

Heslington ON CAMPUS

Friday 29 September

Important briefings for all new students


Introduction to Library facilities (Group A): (Kirsty Whitehead)

13.30-14.30 Introduction to Arch-Help and Web Pages (Group A) (Kevin Walsh/Neil Gevaux) K/133
15.00-16.000 Introduction to Arch-Help and Web Pages (Group B) (Kevin Walsh/Neil Gevaux) K/133
16.00-17.00 Introduction to Library facilities (Group B): (Kirsty Whitehead) K/133

 Week 4: Wednesday 18 October

11.00-12.00 and 12.00-13.00 King’s Manor Library induction drop-in workshops: Kirsty Whitehead K120