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Alfie Talks

Research project

Informing our Heritage Future(s): Preserving our Digital Past(s)

Supervisors: Kate Giles, Kieron Niven, Simon Taylor and David Andrews

Funding: AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Partnership (CDP) studentship

Summary of research project:

Ensuring the accessibility and reusability of data generated from the Historic High Street. ​ Relevant data can be very diverse in its nature, including information related to lifestyle, migration, demographics, economics, environment, climate change and housing needs. The diversity of data and its sources creates limits on its accessibility and interoperability. These issues are extended further by the scale and diversity of new data types generated from laser scanning, LIDAR, GIS and HBIM. These all contribute to the “Big Data” of the historic built environment. This presents considerable challenges to make the best use of digital data. In this context, a collaborative approach is essential, not just between the Archaeology Data Service (ADS), Historic England (HE) and the University of York, but wider institutions, commercial organisations and members of the public.


I believe that digital technologies have the capability to transform archaeology. My research interest is focused on the reusability of archaeological datasets, and most recently the role of tangible and intangible heritage for public engagement with places. My hypothesis is that, through the application of advanced computational data handling and user-friendly search interfaces, the FAIR data principles can be globally applied to create a better data community for the heritage sector. My CV can also be seen at

Publications and Awards


  • Talks, A. (2020) Origins and migrations: how aDNA analysis is not necessarily the answer, The Post Hole, 55(455), 51-61.
  • Talks, A. (2018) Bog bodies of Norway: in search of Nordic Noir, The Post Hole, 51(386), 18-25.



  • CAA 2021
  • CIfA2021 online: Annual Conference
  • CIfA Innovation festival 2021

Teaching & Impact

Introduction to Teaching and Learning 21 October 2021

Open Day facilitator 2019-2020.

  • Led a Research Jam to tackle the biggest challenges Britain is facing today: inequality, intolerance, isolation, disempowerment and climate change.
  • Seminar on defining the Anthropocene: led a seminar discussing the defining features of our age.

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Alfie Talks
Department of Archaeology
University of York
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