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Surnames A - C

Sophia Anderson

Morpho-functional evolution of the mammalian scapula

Leila Araar

Digital Recording, Fieldwork, and Craft at Museum of London Archaeology

Julia Becher

Exploring the artefactual record of feasting during the Orcadian Late Neolithic

Samir Belgacem

Heritage conservation in Algeria: Between consonance, dissonance and identity

Grant Bettinson

Rising from the depths

Charllote Blacka

Adapting to the Challenges of a Changing Environment

Claire Boardman  

Deep Mapping the City: Heritage Inspired Place Disruption to Promote Social Cohesion in Diverse Inner Urban Neighbourhoods

Emma Bryning

Title: Making marks, changing values: the contemporary signific- ance of graffiti at historic sites

Louise Calf


Vanessa Castagnino

Whitefriars: metal acquisition and object production at monastic houses in late medieval England

Alice Cao

Exploring the function of grinding stones using old and new methods

Isabelle Carter 

Tracing ephemerality: an archaeology of squatters' settlements in rural England, 1550-1750

Virajitha Chimalapati

Cultural Heritage Led Climate Change Adaptation of Historic Port Cities of Monsoon Asia: A Belt and Road Opportunity

Ewan Chipping

How was the morphology of domestic cattle and aurochs affected by human husbandry and exploitation in Britain from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age? 

Simone Chisena

Man looks at himself: an archaeological and ethnographic study of changing visual self-perception in European prehistoric societies through the lens of figurative art (40.000 BP - 2.200 BC)

Surnames D - F

Joshua de Giorgio

Defying Convention: Devising New Approaches to Heritage Values in Valletta, Malta

Joannes Dekker

The study of dietary proteins found in food crusts on Mesolithic pottery

Joseph Empsall

Characterising the Historic Farmsteads of the Lake District National Park and World Heritage Site


Surnames G - I

James Glazzard

The tools and techniques of the Viking-age non-ferrous metalworker

Drury Graham

Traditional Pasts and Visionary Futures: The Multidimensional Benefits at the Intersection of Rural Heritage and Agroecology

Eleanor Green

Unlocking the genetic potential of museum stores

Lucy Handford

Functional development within the mammalian masticatory apparatus: an investigation into feeding capabilities with changing diets.


Nura Hassan

This project will explore diet and mobility among coastal populations of Somaliland from the 4th to 19th century CE. Using bioarchaeological approaches such as stable isotope and lipid residue analysis it will provide the first consideration of identity and religious change through an exploration of diet and mobility

Aimee Henderson

Lead roofing in English parish churches: its history, significance, and key challenges in addressing metal theft

 Elizabeth Hicks

Communities of Consumption: an integrated approach to ceramic function and foodways along the Swahili coast during the first millennium AD

Surnames J - L

Hanna Jansson

Viking Age 'Staffs of Sorcery'

David Jennings

Adopting Archaeology

Rebecca Jump

Iron Age burial practices in north-east and south-west Britain

Melissa Kays

Exploring the social mobility and influence of women in Roman public life from the 1st to the 3rd c. A.D

Anoj Khanal

Liquid landscape heritage and urban water scarcities in Kathmandu, Nepal

Andrew Langley

Invisible Technologies & the Container Revolution

Richard Lee

Landscape Archaeology in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia

Veronica Lee

This project will explore medieval Baltic pike trade via a) synthesis of bone data, including size and body-part profiles, to assess preservation methods; b) stable isotope analysis to distinguish coastal vs freshwater pike and identify non-local catches. Alongside δ13C, δ15N & δ34S in bone, δ18O in pike teeth will be trialled as a novel proxy for catch region.

Shanshan Li

The Ideology behind Anthropomorphic Figurines: A Comparative Study of Southern Europe and North-Eastern China in the Neolithic Period (8000-2500 BC)

Xuanlin Liu

Lived or Living? A case study of living heritage in China

Daria Lynch 

Decolonising York: telling alternative stories in a heritage city

Surnames M - O


Katharine Macy

Modern Noise: How neurodivergent individuals create in different environments

Lucy Makinson

The extent of Mediterranean food cultures in Roman civilian settlements in Northern Britain. A study of three sites: Aldborough, Catterick and Brough on Noe.

William Marsh


Mackenzie Masters

Title: Social Entanglement in Death: Interpopulation isotopic analysis between a mass grave and an attritional assemblage to assess social reactions to catastrophe from Medieval Leicester, England and Roman-Byzantine Ibida, Romania.

Elisha Meadows

CDA22008 The Melting Pot of Eboracum: exploring diversity and identity through the skeletal and burial evidence in Roman York.

Javier Montalvo Cabrera

Title: Socio-economic changes from the Early (AD 350 - 1000) to Late (AD 1000 - 1550) Ceramic Period in Araucania region, Chile: new perspectives from organic residues analysis of ceramic artefacts

Lucy Moore

Title: Stycas, kings and Vikings: the copper-alloy revolution in 9th-century England

Kate Morris


James Nottingham

The changing nature of dogs in (post)medieval England: a bioarchaeological study of treatment, health, size, and diet across human social contexts

Alistair Oswald

A sense of place: sensory perceptions of Neolithic causewayed enclosures in their landscape contexts


Surnames P - R

Yorgos Paschos

Assessing the (Sub)cultural Heritage Significance of Grassroots Music Venues

Pippa Pemberton

Tangled imperial roots: the 20th century journey of botanic gardens from colonial assemblages to sites of memory and global plant conservation

Gwendoline (Greta) Pepper

Following a thread: Tracing technology and techniques along the Silk Road

Estelle Praet

Galapagos Marine Plastics : How Can Archaeology Help Save the Archipelago (and the Planet)? 

Liz Quinlan

Tracking the decline of Atlantic salmon in the Medieval North Sea basin

Materialising inequality and model communities: An archaeology of modern social reform

Sophie Rowson

The Materiality of Health and Safety: The origins and symbolism of high-visibility work clothing

Jordi Ruiz Ventura


Kirsty Ryder

Purple White and Green: The Material Construction of Women's Suffrage 1832-1928


Surnames S - U

Despoina Sampatakou

Storytelling, VR life histories and interpretation: Grave Circle A at Mycenae

Carl Savage

Coinage, Landscape and society in the borderlands: economy, politics and identity in Scotland and northern England 1136-1603

Jack Saxton

Archaeology of the Norman Conquest in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Shelby Schrank

Post-war Institutional Architecture: Unpacking Thoughtful Conservation Practices

Kirsty-Lee Seaton

Re-use of digital data in Archaeology

Shiyi Sha

From Memory to Cultural Heritage: How Does the Modern Expression and Interpretation of Cultural Heritage Reshape the Collective Memory?

Daniel Shaw


Wuyang Shui


Yannick Signer

Title: Potting landscapes: a regional approach to the development of pottery production in 11th-13th century Yorkshire

Tondi Siregar

Archaeology as a Tool in Building Civil Society in Indonesia

Makenzie Sorensen

“Vessels of the Past”: Intangible Maritime Archaeology in preserving Oceanic cultural memory through performance

Lauren Spencer

Accounting for Variation in Neanderthal Anatomy and Behaviour in Research: A Study of European Populations.


Megan Stoakley


Sreelakshmi Subramanian

Infrastructures of Colonial Circulation

Alpaeus Talks

Informing our Heritage Future(s): Preserving our Digital Past(s)

Raveena Tamoria

Title: Plastic Landscapes in the Hawaiian Islands: Coastal Heritage Under Threat

Martina Tenzer

Beyond Landscape: Extending Historic Landscape Characterisation to develop a more inclusive and transparent approach to managing local heritage

Devakumar Thenchery


Melissa Thomas

Living on the Edge: Precarity and Resilience in the Heritage of Fisherfolk and Fish

Diana Unterhitzenberger 

Checkpoint Charlie: The Changing Values of a Cold War Heritage Icon

Surnames V - Z

Liz Vazquez

Decision-Making in Historic Buildings Recording and Survey

Qjan Wang

This research proposal aims to investigate the challenges and innovations of future heritage management in public participation and creative economic effects under COVID-19 situation.

Christopher Wakefield

Digital Public Archaeology in a Time of Crisis: investigating and improving the real world impact of online engagement in the UK

Nicholas Wilson

Tradition and transition: Burial practices in Roman Britain

Aster Wood

Before and after: how the societal transition after the fall of the Roman Empire affected the health of British people

Marie Woods

Breaking the Barrier to Museums' Unloved Objects: Collections in Crisis and a New Age of Engagement