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Dr Marcos Garcia-Garcia
Postdoctoral Research Fellow



Marcos has a BA in History from the University of Granada (Spain) and a MSc in Environmental Archaeology and Palaeoeconomy from the University of Sheffield, specializing in zooarchaeology. He completed his PhD in History and Arts Studies at the University of Granada in 2019, focusing on the historical and zooarchaeological analysis of the patterns of exploitation and consumption of animals in southern Iberia during the Early Middle Ages. In 2019 he joined BioArCh as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow associated to the AHRC-funded project ‘Landscapes of (Re)Conquest’ ( with Dr Michelle Alexander as supervisor.



Marcos’ research so far has been mainly focused on the study of the interactions between humans and animals during the early Islamic period (8th-11th centuries) in southern Iberia. His PhD aimed to examine how animal products, particularly animal-based food items, were produced, distributed, prepared and consumed, contributing to the understanding of the islamisation of Iberia, conceived as a fluid and gradual historical process of sociocultural and ethnoreligious change.


Key research interests

  • History and archaeology of medieval Iberia.
  • Zooarchaeological analysis.
  • Isotopic and biomolecular analysis.
  • Food systems and sociocultural change during the Middle Ages.
  • Animal husbandry and agriculture.
  • Urban provisioning.
  • Dissemination of historical knowledge.



The AHRC-funded project ‘Landscapes of (Re)Conquest’ ( in which he is currently involved aims to provide the first integrated, comparative study of medieval frontiers in south-western Europe, with a focus on Spain and Pyrenean France, from different analytical perspectives. His role in the project deals with the zooarchaeological and biomolecular analysis of human and animal remains from a set of sites located in different regions of Iberia and southern France.

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Dr Marcos Garcia-Garcia
Postdoctoral Research fellow
University of York
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