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Dr Léa Drieu
Postdoctoral Research Associate: SICTRANSIT



After 2 years in Higher School Preparatory Classes (CPGE), I entered the European School of Chemistry, Polymers and Materials Science (ECPM) in Strasbourg (France) and I specialized in Analytical Chemistry. In 2013, I graduated with a Diplôme d'Ingénieur and I received a BSc in Analytical Sciences from the Université de Strasbourg. As part of my studies, I carried out two main research projects to analyse and identify natural products in archaeological samples and cultural heritage objects.

In 2013, I moved to Nice in the CEPAM laboratory to complete a PhD in Prehistory at the Université Côte d'Azur. During my doctoral research, I was particularly interested on the absorption and preservation of lipids in crude clay and ceramic matrix during manufacture, use and deposition of pottery vessel. This work was partly carried out by studying archaeological samples from the Early Neolithic to the Iron Age (France and Western Mediterranean), and partly by conducting experimental pottery manufacture and use.

I joined BioArCh in October 2017 as part as the Sictransit project. My current research as a Postdoctoral Research Associate aims at exploring the content of transport amphorae in Sicily and the Mediterranean from the 6th to the 13th century AD. My work focus mainly on the detection of wine and plant oils but I am also interested in identifying other commodities such as fruits, leafy plants and fish products.



My research interests centre on the use of pottery in the Mediterranean region using organic residue analysis (ORA). I study the exploitation of natural products and the exchanges through the Mediterranean basin, from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages. A second axis of my research is the study of the interactions between organic compounds and the crude clay or the fired ceramic to understand the preservation of the formers over time.



Sictransit is a joint research project investigating the Byzantine-Arabic-Norman- Swabian transition (sixth to thirteenth centuries AD) in Sicily, with special focus on changes in social structure, agriculture and trade. The project is directed by Alessandra Molinari (Rome) and Martin Carver (York) and has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

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Dr Léa Drieu
Postdoctoral Research Associate: SICTRANSIT
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