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Grant Bettinson

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Research project title: Rising from the depths

Supervisor: Dr Stephanie Wynne-Jones

This research project seeks to explore the production, effect and feasibility of digital tools and their use for local engagement, with a specific focus on Digital tools and products in East Africa and Tanzania. 

It will explore the barriers to digital engagement and consider the most effective methods for engaging local communities, the design wants and needs of these communities from digital heritage interventions

The work also aims to be a reflexive process by evaluating efforts and digital methods previously used in the country and in our specific study area, critically analysing their strengths and weaknesses. The outcomes are intended to inform future work that can address local needs, build local capacity, and create an active community discourse around heritage.



I have had an extensive career spanning just over a decade, nationally and internationally. Starting out as a maritime & terrestrial archaeologist, diver and post-ex specialist gaining a working knowledge of 3D recording methods alongside more traditional methods. I moved away from this in 2017 following a few seasons of work in Oman and Sudan, seeing that there was a lack of innovation, transparency and effectiveness in how people and organizations were communicating.

This led me to community archaeology, content creation, and management. It is my belief that archaeology’s value comes from the public interest in it, therefore it is vital to the continuing progress of the subject to communicate with the public and have effective, engaging, transparent and entertaining tools, strategies and programming that maintain and grow this interest. 

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April 2023 (forthcoming )


Swash Channel Wreck 


June 2023 


Creators, not content

14 Sept 2017 


Recording and analysing in 3D

Marine archaeology: global standards for protection and professional practice


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Maritime Archaeology Trust - Forgotten Wrecks of the First world war

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