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Zanzibar's Hidden History: podcast now live!

Posted on 10 September 2020

A podcast produced by UoY archaeologists has now been published on Soundcloud. Based on research from the Department of Archaeology, it tells the story of Zanzibar's deeper urban past, focusing on the site of Unguja Ukuu.

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Zanzibar's Hidden History tells the story of Zanzibar's deeper urban past. It draws on research by the Department of Archaeology at Unguja Ukuu, an important site that dates to the 7th - 10th centuries AD, and tells the story of early Indian Ocean networks. The podcast has been produced as a collaboration with the Department of Antiquities in Zanzibar and the State University of Zanzibar. It was funded by the York Impact Accelerator Fund. It is aimed at tourists, who often visit cultural heritage sites on the archipelago, but who tend to focus on 19th-century sites associated with Omani colonialism. Zanzibar's longer urban history is often ignored. This podcast will be adverstised on leaflets and posters at Zanzibar's museums, to try and draw tourists towards understanding the deeper, indigenous, history of the archipelago.

Listen online or download the podcast here

The podcast was produced by Philippa Geering of Sonderbug productions. Artwork by Ian Kirkpatrick.