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Archaeology students win volunteering awards

Posted on 22 June 2020

A group of our students won the university Student Volunteering Awards for their project developing content on the Romans for schoolchildren.

Group of students receiving certificates

Isabelle Diggle, Heather Disley and Cath Foster, from the Department of Archaeology, won a Student Volunteering award this week for thier work with York Students in Schools. They volunteered for two days at a local York school and ran three workshops about Roman life in Britain.

Each visit began with a puppet show about the Labours of Hercules with some fantastic puppets. Heather created an incredible (to scale!) Roman fort on Minecraft which the children loved, encouraging them to build their own forts from Lego. A mosaic workshop explored Roman hobbies, pets and domestic life. Children created their own mosaics, depicting their own pets or favourite toys. This made them relate to Roman children and ask lots of questions such as, "Did Roman kids have to learn maths too?" The third workshop taught about pottery and possessions by allowing the children to handle Roman pottery, on loan from the department.

Isabelle says "The best part for myself was learning how to create a viable and successful project and creating lasting friendships with my other team members. To others, I'd really encourage volunteering projects as there are so many on offer which can be whatever commitment level you like and are so rewarding. Plus they look great on your CV!"
Heather is working to make the puppets accessible to York Museums Trust during the Roman festival. She agreed: "I worked with some incredible people who were friendly and understanding and I would do it again if I could!"
Check out some of the resources they created by following the links below:
Minecraft video:
Puppet show: