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York archaeologist wins the 2022 Antiquity Prize

Posted on 15 June 2022

The Antiquity Prize was created in 1994 to honour and support the authors of the best contribution to each volume of Antiquity.

Congratulations to Professor Ian Armit, who, along with Professor David Reich from Harvard University, is the winner of this year’s prestigious Antiquity Prize for their article ‘The return of the Beaker folk? Rethinking migration and population change in British prehistory’. The paper evaluates the evidence for genetic change in Britain during the mid-third millennium BC and explores its archaeological implications, setting our new agendas for future research.

Professor Armit said ‘Antiquity is a world-leading archaeology journal so it is a huge honour for our paper to be selected as the best of the whole year. The award recognises the importance of archaeologists and geneticists working together to develop new questions and new agendas for research in ancient DNA.’

Professor Ian Armit (@IanArmit) leads the MA in Iron Age and Celtic Archaeology at the University of York.