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Women in Archaeology Wikithon

Posted on 4 March 2021

Wikithon to celebrate the Women in Archaeology, to be held on 11th March 2021. Please come along!

The Department of Archaeology will be hosting a Women in Archaeology Wikithon on 11th March 2021, to celebrate some of the excellent women of our discipline. We are inviting all staff and students to come along, learn how to edit pages on Wikipedia, hear more about efforts to increase women's visibility online. We will hear from several Wikimedia champions, including Kate Cook from the Womens in Classics campaign, and Richard Neville of Wikimedia UK. 

Did you know that only 18.71% of biographies on English Wikipedia are about women? Or that women make up approximately 10% of Wikipedia’s editing community? To address the gender gap, several projects within Wikipedia have worked to create new content to highlight notable women in different fields. In particular, the Women in Red project, which is a community of editors of all genders from around the world, works to increase the percentage of articles relating to women on the online encyclopaedia. Other more targeted projects include, and are affiliated to, Women in Red, including the Women’s Classical Committee and a gender task force within WikiProject Archaeology.

Sign up here to lend your support, spend some time with colleagues, and learn something new.


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