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Star Carr wins Research Project of the Year

Posted on 3 March 2014

Current Archaeology Awards recognise joint York-Manchester-Chester project as best of the year

03-03-2014 Star Carr Award 2014

We are delighted to announce that Star Carr has won "Research Project of the Year" in the national Current Archaeology Awards 2014; awards which are voted for entirely by the public. 

Recent research at Star Carr has revealed important new discoveries about our hunter gatherer ancestors who lived in Britain at the end of the Ice Age (about 9000 BC). The site has revealed the oldest house known in Britain as well as the earliest known carpentry in Europe.

Star Carr has international fame in the archaeological world but is not so well known to the public. It is one of the key aims of the project to present these important discoveries more widely and in recent years the team have written a book and presented the findings in a year-long exhibition in the Yorkshire Museum (open until May 2014), as well as giving many talks to local societies and appearing on Time Team. 

The directors of the excavations, Professor Nicky Milner (University of York), Dr Chantal Conneller (University of Manchester) and Dr Barry Taylor (University of Chester) were very suprised but thrilled to have won the award.

Nicky Milner said "Our team has worked extremely hard over the years to reveal the secrets of Star Carr and present the story of this unique site to the public: it is wonderful that we have been rewarded in this way. We are delighted that so many people are interested in Star Carr and the lives of our ancestors who lived 11,000 years ago."