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Our Archaeology: Our Exhibition

Posted on 25 May 2014

Undergraduates in the department welcome the public to their year-end exhibition at King’s Manor, Thursday 19th June at 16:00

25-05-2014 Our Archaeology

“Our Archaeology: bringing together Yorkshire’s histories” is an exhibition showcasing the imaginative and individual talents of the first year Archaeology and Heritage Studies students at the University. 2014 has brought to the department a new set of enthusiastic students who have been developing their research, practical and interpretative skills through summer field schools, held at two archaeological sites in the Yorkshire region. These skills will be made obvious in the department's year-end exhibition on 19 June, open to the public and replete with food, wine, prizes and celebrations of the end of the academic term.

What will the students be exhibiting? Well, thanks to the unique assessment methods used by the Department of Archaeology, the students on excavation have been exploring their public presentation and interpretative skills alongside traditional excavation and post-excavation work. They have been commissioned to produce digital heritage panels about the sites, using freely available software. By drawing upon multi-media and interactive elements in order to engage wider audiences, students are confronted with the challenges faced by archaeologists, museum curators and heritage practitioners in the real world every day. The Head of Department, John Schofield explains this; “the combination of tailored practical experience alongside academic research and understanding is at the crux of the Department’s degree programmes. It is important to us to equip our students with a range of critical skills which they can use in their future workplace.”

Alongside the presentation panels, two films made by the heritage students will also be displayed. The Heritage Practice programme is unique to the university and has provided the students with exciting opportunities to work with a range of people within the heritage sector, including museum curators and archaeological filmmakers from around the world. Through blogging about their experiences and making the films themselves, the students have gained a deeper understanding of the challenges of presenting heritage to the public. Heritage student Katrina Gargett commented: “the module has been a whirlwind of learning and inspiration; I’ve developed so many new skills and a new understanding of what heritage is all about. I’m excited to show everyone all our hard work at the year-end exhibition!”

To see what the students have been up to feel free to take a look at their blogs:

There’s been a lot going on over the past few weeks and the ‘Our Archaeology’ exhibition is a fantastic opportunity for you to discover what’s been happening. So come along and see us bring together Yorkshire’s histories in G/60 at King’s Manor on Thursday 19th June, 4pm – 6pm.