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National Student Survey

Posted on 15 August 2013

Another year of satifised students!

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For the 6th year running, the Department of Archaeology at York has posted the best overall scores for archaeology in the UK in the National Student Survey (NSS). We are the department with the highest NSS scores in the University, and have even improved on last year in most categories, reaching 100% for satisfaction with teaching and 99% in overall satisfaction. These scores are particularly impressive because they come from a class of over 100 students -- the largest-ever cohort of graduates in Archaeology from any course in the UK!  The summary results can be found below. Further details and the full breakdown will be available via KIS and the UniStats website in due course.

We should also note that this year several of our staff and postgraduates were nominated for YUSU excellence awards, and we received three Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Awards.  It's a great time to be a student at York!

NSS: Archaeology at York

Year Teaching Assessment and feedback Academic Support Organisation and Management  Learning Resources Personal Development Overall 
2013 100 97 98 98 94 97 99
2012 99 98 95 98 92 93 96 
2011 95 88 94 92 85  94 97