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New Archaeology Lecturers at York

Posted on 27 August 2013

We look forward to seeing two new lecturers join our team over the next year.

Speller and Saul






Camilla Speller will be starting as a Lecturer in September 2014. She is currently a Marie Curie postdoctoral research fellow (EU-IIF) in the BioArCh group. Camilla's research uses ancient DNA and proteins to explore a wide range of archaeological and anthropological questions, with a particular interest in environmental archaeology, animal domestication, and ancient health and disease. Camilla's current research projects focus on ancient marine exploitation practices in the Northeast Pacific, Mesoamerican turkey domestication, and ancient microbiomes.

While Camilla is finishing her Marie Curie, Hayley Saul will take on the role of Lecturer starting this September. Hayley completed her PhD in 2011, on the Baltic Foragers and Early Farmers Ceramic Research project, specialising in the study of plant microfossils, particularly in pottery residues. Since then, she has completed a post-doctoral research position in Japan, looking at why some of the earliest pottery in the word was invented.

Most recently, Hayley has set up a fieldwork project in the Nepalese Himalayas called the Himalayan Exploration and Archaeological Research Team (HEART). Alongside fieldwork, HEART collaborates with local communities, NGOs and charities to stimulate the local economies of this developing region of the world using heritage-based initiatives. Hayley will be coordinating the first-year Accessing Archaeology module, and the MA in Mesolithic Studies. And look for her teaching on History & Theory and Themes in Prehistory too.