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Posted on 26 November 2013

New funding opportunity for science-based archaeology PhD students

The Archaeology department participated in successful bid to set up a NERC doctoral training program between York, Sheffield, Liverpool and NERC’s Centre for Ecology and Hydrology: Adapting to the Challenges of a Changing Environment (ACCE), 2014-2019. This will fund places for over 20 students a year across these institutions.  ACCE students will be exposed to molecular biology, computer modelling, ecology, mathematics and statistics, environmental chemistry, biological archaeology, land-use management, climate and soil science, hydrology, and elements of the social sciences, amongst others.

The themes for ACCE are:

(1)          Securing ecosystem services and environmental resources

(2)          Ensuring resilience to climate change

(3)          Understanding biodiversity

(4)          Investigating evolutionary change: genes to communities

We will be shortly advertising several science-based archaeology PhD topics on the departmental website with a deadline for applications in late January. Keep your eyes out for the adverts here