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Dr Joann Fletcher's new BBC2 series

Posted on 11 March 2013

The department's research fellow presents Ancient Egypt: Life & Death In The Valley Of The Kings

11-03-2013 Jo Fletcher

With the launch of the BBC's new history season, the department's own Dr Jo Fletcher will see her new 2-part series on Ancient Egypt: Life & Death In The Valley Of The Kings air at the end of March.

Broadcasting on BBC2 starting 22 March, Jo reveals the lives of the ordinary Egyptians who were born, lived, worked and died in the service of the New Kingdom. It is a forensic study of the real lives of two ordinary Egyptians, a husband and wife team who lived in the tomb-builder's town of Deir el-Medina and who gave their entire lives over to the service of their famous masters, their everyday lives set against the grand narrative of the creation of one of the world's greatest and most extraordinary mausoleums.

The series has already been advertised on the BBC webpages and the Yorkshire Post.