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First Annual Student Archaeology Conference

Posted on 17 July 2013

Undergraduates from around the UK joined us in June for a pioneering event

17-07-2013 ASA1 Introduction

Undergraduates in the Department of Archaeology held an innovative event in June that drew 70 students from across the UK to York. The 1st Annual Student Archaeology Conference was the first ever opportunity for undergraduate students from any discipline that studies the past to share their research and views with each other and the wider academic community.

Twenty-four students presented papers on topics as diverse as Babylonian fortune-telling and cock-fighting in Roman Britain. They also showcased important student-run projects, such as the Edinburgh Archaeology Outreach Project which brings archaeology students from the University of Edinburgh into local primary schools to engage children with aspects of the past they haven’t met at school.

The conference proved to be an enormous success. It brought together students from as far afield as the Universities of Aberdeen and Southampton; and it has hopefully given undergraduate students greater confidence to take pride in their work and share it with larger audiences of people.

Some of the papers will soon be published in The Post Hole, the UK’s undergraduate student-run archaeology journal. Applications are currently being accepted from students at other universities to host the 2nd Annual Student Archaeology Conference in 2014. Please contact us at to express your interest.

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