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Posted on 20 January 2014

Stephanie Wynne-Jones and her team's excavations on the Swahili coast are given centre stage

20-01-14 Swahili_Towns

Excavations at the 14th - 15th century Swahili stonetown of Songo Mnara, directed by Dr Stephanie Wynne-Jones of the Department of Archaeology at York, have been the focus of an article in this month's Archaeology magazine. The magazine is the largest archaeology-specific publication of its kind in the world, with a subscriber base of over 225,000 readers, mostly in North America.

The excavations at Songo Mnara were chosen as a flagship project to introduce the archaeology of the East African coast more generally; Samir Patel from the magazine visited work there during the 2014 summer season. Stephanie has been studying at Songo Mnara since 2009, and directs excavations there as part of an international team of students and specialists. In 2014, her excavations focussed on the houses of the site, both wattle and daub and coral-built, and these are yielding new insights into the ways that inhabitants lived during the 'Golden Age' of Swahili civilisation. Five undergraduate students from York accompanied the project this year - you can read about their experiences in a recent issue of the Posthole.

Read more about the project as a whole on the website:

And see some of the results from the house excavations in Stephanie's latest article on the findings in the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology: