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Professor Nicky Milner wins Research Project of the Year 2020

Posted on 6 March 2020

The Research Project of the Year award was won by ‘Life beside the lake: opening a new window on the Mesolithic at Star Carr’.

Photo credit: Mark Edwards - Current Archaeology

Nicky Milner, from the Department of Archeology, accepted the award on Friday 28 February at the Current Archaeology awards.

Current Archaeology is a popular magazine which covers the archaeology of all periods – from prehistory and ancient human origins, Roman and Anglo-Saxon Britain, and the Middle Ages right through to modern times – and it bridges the gap between the amateur and the professional. 

Nicky's project involves over a decade of work at Star Carr, presents new interpretations of the site, offers more detail about the lives of its inhabitants, and provides unprecedented insight into the Mesolithic period at this exceptional, spectacularly preserved site.

The project was nominated following an article in the magazine last year, based on the books published by White Rose University Press. The digital versions can be read and downloaded for free.

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