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York Master's Student Finds Bronze Age Hoard

Posted on 21 August 2020

Medieval Archaeology MA student Harry Platts found the Havering Hoard on his first excavation

Student Mike Platts on Excavation

Current MA Medieval Archaeology student Harry Platts has made national news for uncovering the Havering Hoard during his first archaeological excavation. Platts discovered London's largest collection of buried Bronze Age artefacts, c 800-900 BC on his first commercial dig. The hoard is now set to go on display next month at the Museum of London. Platts was on a six-week contract for Archaeological Solutions when he uncovered the hoard.

Platts states: 

"I did about five hours of overtime that night. I had everything in to make myself a roast dinner when I got home from work. I still made it at 10pm when I got home and had a few beers to celebrate. Some archaeologists don’t have a discovery like that throughout their career. So it was career defining. It may never happen again. So yes, I celebrated."

The news story was covered in the Evening Standard and the Times.