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York PhD Sarah Delaney and colleague wins BABAO funding

Posted on 11 September 2020

This research will examine lead debris in dental calculus from a medieval mining population

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Congratulations to Sarah Delaney and Catrin Fear (University of Nottingham) for winning funding from the British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology to support their project:

Caught in a Trap: A pilot study examining the presence of lead debris in dental calculus from medieval mining populations

The grant is for a pilot study examining whether it is possible to see individual and population exposure to lead particulates as a result of individuals working in lead mines. The samples are from individuals known to have been involved in lead mining in Castleton, Derbyshire. The results will be examined in conjunction with Lead Isotope results and pathological evidence. 

The project is to complement Catrin Fear’s PhD project ‘What’s your poison?: identifying lead ingestion and its effects in medieval England’ which examines lead impact in Medieval Britain.

The team includes Sarah Delaney, Catrin Fear (University of Nottingham), Dr. Hannah O'Regan (University of Nottingham) and Dr. Michelle Alexander.