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York Digital Master's Student Alyssa Loyless Publishes in Epoiesen

Posted on 15 March 2019

Current Archaeological Information Systems student publishes "Visualizing the York Minster as Papercraft"

Alyssa Loyless, Archaeological Information Systems MSc student has published a paper in the cutting-edge, Open Access online journal Epoiesen. Her paper, Visualizing the York Minster as Papercraft, details the critical background, creation and dissemination of the papercraft model using a variety of digital and analog tools. 

From the article:

The value of this resource comes from its accessibility and owes its potential for success to current media tools that allow for archaeologists and heritage enthusiasts to share their experiences on the internet. The ability to observe the model building process, interact with the builder, and then download the files to create your own model makes it easy for anyone who is interested in the art form to be a creator and participate in the history of the object. The history of the York Minster and other heritage sites do not have to remain in the past, and instead their narratives are continually being built upon and shared through archaeology and visualization.