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Kate Giles receives Honorary Associate Professorate from Aarhus University, Denmark

Posted on 25 October 2019

Giles also gave an inaugural lecture: Public buildings, shaping urban landscapes

Fuzzy image of the poster announcing Kate Giles' lecture in Aarhus

Dr Kate Giles has been appointed Honorary Associate Professor by Aarhus University, Denmark. On Thursday she gave her inaugural lecture, ‘Public buildings, shaping urban landscapes’ in the department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies, at Moesgaard. ‘I am deeply honoured’ said Kate, ‘to have been nominated by colleagues at Aarhus for this position, and I am looking forward to future research and teaching collaborations in medieval and buildings archaeology with colleagues Mette Svart Kristiansen and Rainer Atzbach.’

Kate and Mette’s, Dwellings, identities and Homes: European Housing Culture from the Viking Age to the Renaissance was published by the Jutland Archaeology Society in 2014.