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Paper published in Heritage Science

Posted on 19 June 2019

A new paper written by academics in Archaeology has been published in the journal Heritage Science.

The research paper So you want to do biocodicology? A field guide to the biological analysis of parchment has been accepted by the journal Heritage Science. Sarah Fiddyment, Dr Matthew D. Teasdale and Jiří Vnouček teamed up with Élodie Lévêque (Université Paris), Annelise Binois (Université Paris)and Matthew J. Collins (University of Cambridge) to write the article, which explores the biological information stored in parchment documents.

The analysis of biological data can reveal information about book production, livestock economies, handling, conservation and the historic use of the object. This paper provides guidance for conservators and curators on the possible forms and applications of biocodicology, as well as the technologies available.

The review provides an introduction to this emerging field with the intention of facilitatating further interactions between the heritage science community, manuscript scholars, curators and conservators.

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