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Katherine Bradshaw Wins Bursary to Excavate at Vindolanda

Posted on 26 October 2018

Third-year undergraduate digs into the Roman past at Hadrian's Wall

Congratulations to Katherine Bradshaw who received the Vindolanda Trust’s Young Persons Bursary to participate in excavations at the Roman site over the summer. 

In her own words:

"In July, I had the incredible opportunity to excavate at Vindolanda through receiving the Vindolanda Trust’s Young Persons Bursary. The experience was thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding, especially due to the amazing finds that I was a part of excavating, including some of the fantastically preserved shoes and even writing tablet fragments that the site is so well known for. Additionally, the staff at Vindolanda were greatly accommodating in helping me gain as much as I could from the experience. Not only through taking part in many aspects of the archaeological process beyond excavation, but also through being able to talk to and gain advice from professional archaeologists from across the globe.

I would thoroughly recommend other students apply for the bursary, as it’s such a unique site and opportunity."